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Live-in Carers Service

Signe. Placed in
Ballyclare. N.I.

Emma. Placed in
Aberfoyle, Scotland.

To Monika. Well done in taking such good care of Peter (near Cambridge). Peter is sadly no longer with us. Monika joined us after previously working in Netherlands.

Alexandra. Placed in
Sheen. London SW4

Edith. Placed in
Fawley Village. Oxon.


Live in carers delivered direct to you the client.

By cutting out the "middle man" live-in carers becomes, a really serious and viable option.

Live-in carers utilising our highly creative packages save you on average a staggering £400.00 per week.  Not a misprint-not per month – PER WEEK!

Our direct to the service user approach cuts out the excess baggage. Thus bringing affordable live-in carers charges to a far wider audience. Our clients love what we offer.- Very kindly allowing us to publish their full name as well as location-testimonies 

How do we manage to substantially reduce your outlay?  As a broad outline: Although we access same carers who are with other U.K agencies, ….We do not resell them on to you at £300.00 per week more than the carer actually receives. If the carer seeks £550.00 per week (apart from a one-off sourcing fee)   that’s what you pay. We do make a monthly management charge but that is included in the £550.00 per week.

Having looked at many different options in our view live-in carers ticks all the boxes.


"I would highly recommend the services of John and his Team Home Help..."

Lizzie Dekkers , Melbourne. Near Cambridge


"The young lady who is now is looking after our Mother is wonderful..."

Dr. James Evans, Plymouth


"John.I can never be thank you enough for volunteering to look after my father yourself..."

Jenny Cassan, Sonning, (nr Reading)


"CARMEL.We could not have done without her in the last 3 weeks of dad's life..."

Lorna Martell, Marsham,Norfolk.


"John's Team Home Help have now provided us two carers..."

(Judge) Paula Gray, Chancery-London


"I was so pleased you have John's company a glowing reference..."

Teresa Taylor


"I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that we are very,very happy with Roman..."

Elynor Davis,Welwyn Garden City


I contacted John to get a carer/companion for my blind


Creative live-in carers solutions.

live -in carers Provide the most comprehensive solution in keeping ‘loved ones’ safe and where they belong -in “their” own home!
With Teamhome Helps creative solutions- there is the added benefit of keeping more of your parent/s money where it belongs- in “their” own pocket!

Innovative and proven highly effective solutions. Originally created for the benefit of senior citizens by senior citizens- John and Libby.

Note: CQC The care quality commission defines organisation such as ours as: An Introductory Agency under the Health and social care act. 2012.

Useful resource of reference ‘Which magazine’ Live in Care link