live in care to the elderly

Elderly Live-in Home Support

Elderly Live-in Home support services provides great piece of mind and reassurance, to both the individual being cared for as well as other family members.

Host Responsibilities

Host family responsibilities are: To provide an individual with their own room, sustenance and an agreed rate to pay, in addition a fair and reasonable amount of free time-off.

How does it work?

The concept and different approach to home care elderly live-in care was the brain child of the husband and wife team of John and Libby.
Team Home Help!

Live-in Carers Service

live – in care to our elderly folk 

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Before proceeding further into the site. May we respectfully suggest firstly reading through our testimonials section. It speaks louder than anything we can say..we deliver!

Widely acclaimed elderly care service.

Delivers relatively more affordable care to our elderly folks. Our sensible non-beauracratic creative approach cuts out all the (profiteering in some cases) and accompanying nonsense “excess baggage” so-to-speak.

Affordable Elderly Care Options.

Our creativity brings a more affordable live-in care option to a far wider audience. Our clients love what we offer.- Very kindly allowing us (unusually) to publish their full name as well as location. See Testimonials Lower down the page. 

When considering care to the elderly services

How do we (uniquely) manage to substantially reduce your financial outlay?

As a broad outline: Although we access the same calibre of carer as our competitors and often from the same source, the difference is:- we do not resell their services to you our service user, at hugely inflated ‘markups

A special mention to all our carers from the EU.

Thanks to all those who selflessly dedicated part of their lives to the difficult task of caring for your loved ones..thank you”. You packed your bags and headed off on an adventure into a place and people unknown. You had a choice of anywhere within the EU and often with higher wage offers and nearer to home but you chose to come to the U.K. We are told you came here due to a love of its history, reputation for decency., and fair play being hallmarks of the British character.

We continue to welcome you, and on record thanks you for your brilliant contribution. Although this sector has more ir less died now due to Brexit. Unlike some other agencies who boast 90% of their carers are British, 50% of ours were from the EU. and something which we are equally proud to boast of.


A live-in carer provides the most comprehensive solution for keeping ‘loved ones’ safe and where they belong -in “their” own home!

Provides bespoke 1-1 individual attention, avoids loneliness, great companionship, mobility, and not to forget enables them to keep their beloved and cherished dog/s or cat/s. Sadly entering a care home means saying goodbye to so many cherished things.

With a live-in carer around its very rare the elderly person sustains a serious fall/tumbling over. Falls are the biggest lurking danger facing people living alone. See here link to Guardian News Article. Siblings and other family members often are oblivious to this huge daily risk facing mum and dad.

We understand and are not being critical as we are sure you all do your best in very difficult times financially.


A selection of Testimonials Received.

Lizzie Dekkers , Melbourne. Near Cambridge

“I would highly recommend the services of John and his Team Home Help…”

Dr. James Evans,

“The young lady who is now  looking after our Mother is wonderful…”

Jenny Cassan, Sonning, (nr Reading)

“John.I can never thank you enough for volunteering to look after my father yourself…”

Lorna Martell, Marsham,

“CARMEL. We could not have done without her in the last 3 weeks of dad’s life…”

(Judge) Paula Gray, Chancery-London

“John and his Team Home Help have now provided my family with two carers…”

Teresa Taylor

“I was so pleased you gave John’s company a glowing reference. I have had such a…”

Elynor Davis,
Welwyn Garden City

“I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that we are very, very happy with Roman…”

Mrs. Grace Muir,
North Farm Stud, Oxon

“I contacted John to get a carer/companion for my blind and elderly mother…”


The Elderly community Care

The age-old question The Elderly Community Care and the dilemma of how best to look after one’s elderly parents, has always been a challenge. Traditionally families as a matter of honour took on the caring role of their parents regardless of their physical or mental condition shortcomings.

Elderly Care is it Over Regulated

In our opinion Yes! If it’s that complicated and requires a person full of whistles and badges- a Nurse Florence Nightingale, how come more than 400,000 spouses care for their elderly husband or wives? No training, no care quality commission, and to the best of our knowledge no disasters.

Live-in carer to Elderly

Keeping elderly folks safe at home.
Team Home Help would like to offer some insight into what we have learned during the three years we have been operating in this sector.
the dilemma of how best to look
after ones elderly parents…

Creative Live-in Carer Solutions

Undoubtedly a live-in carer provide the most comprehensive solution in keeping our ‘loved ones’ safe and where they belong -in “their” own home!

Apart from numerous other benefits- a live-in carer is the only effective protection against falls/tumbling over.

Falls are one of the biggest dangers facing people living alone. Many never recover from a serious fall which was the case with this author’s father.

live in care to the elderly
One fall is one too many!

Unfortunately, no amount of pop -in visits can effectively cover the risk of a fall. Only 24/7 delivers!

With Teamhomehelps creative solutions-there is the added benefit of keeping more of your parent/s money where it belongs- in “their” own pocket!

Innovative and proven highly effective solutions. Originally created for the benefit of senior citizens by senior citizens- John and Libby.

Note: CQC The care quality commission defines organisation such as ours as -An Introductory Agency under the Health and social care act. 2012.

Useful resource of reference ‘Which magazine’ Live in Care link