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Elderly home care services | Luton

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Elderly Home Care |  Luton and surrounding areas.

Home support to elderly | delivers Independent options by way of a regular pop-in or a fulltime live-in carer. Based in Luton- we are Specialist providers of individual 1-1 support to the elderly/disabled/special needs. Keeping our elderly folk where they belong – in their own home! Keeping their money where it belongs-in their own pocket! Home support to elderly All our carers/personal assistants are fully screened DBS or equivalent, Employers and personal references past and present. When mum and or dad are beginning to struggle- falls, forgetfulness and inability to ‘take things in’ the only answer is-a personal assistant.   Without being melodramatic the next fall could prove catastrophic. Many never recover and ultimately end up in residential care.

Care in the home to an elderly person |  early intervention is crucial.

However, convincing Mum/Dad that they are ‘far from capable of looking after themselves’ is often tough -impossible. Ideally, someone around virtually 24/7 is optimal. It minimises the risk of falls, stumbles, and prevents lonelinessOur service delivers invaluable 24/7 human interaction and avoids isolation. Although we have a strong leaning towards live-in care service, we do offer drop-in packages.  
Home support to elderly Is this the kind of indulgence we encourage?… Absolutely! To all those ‘we know best’ stuffy bureaucrats out there – get -a life!  Please be aware generally live-in care providers even at the highest cost levels, have to rotate the carers. Otherwise, the carer will burn out. We do not like this approach indeed our carers are dedicated totally to caring for your loved one/s 1-1. However, they must be given some time out. This is something we can discuss during the initial consultation

Home Care support to an elderly person-empowers the individual

helps them to regain some of their former hitherto lost social lifestyle. Such as a simple visit to  “the local Chippie”, heading to British Legion for a pint, watching the local football team, attending the Towns Women’s Guild, resuming flower arranging classes – or perhaps going on a trip to the seaside. things which the younger generation might take for granted. With a home care-buddy in attendance, many of these things are no longer out of reach. Frees up relatives from the worry and anxiety about their loved one’s health and wellbeing. A home care-buddy (especially a live-in) minimises the risk of eventual state seizure of the family home in order to pay for care. More than 100 elderly people per week are having properties seized to pay their care home fees. For siblings; reassurance mum and dad have someone there for them. Unquestionably much better than expensive 15-30 minute hello-goodbyes. Enables exhausted spouses caring for a wife/husband to enjoy an element of independence and social life. Quote from Mrs. Maureen Tomlins (Warrington) “Well done John, Libby, & Paul on your bold, imaginative, and innovative approach. You have rescued dad’s savings from total oblivion. Carry on the good work!” Team Home operates solely as an introductory organ and should not be confused with a” full service” home care agency. As such we are unable to deliver any form of care packages, or care planning schedules. What we do instead is give YOU the freedom to set the care package as, when, and how you please.

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