Terms and conditions

Elderly care at home cost- General terms and conditions.

Please note these terms and condition are  universally identical to those when employing an Au pair. For your orientation here is a link to a typical  UK au pair agency : http://www.heavenlyaupairs.com/family-fees-terms-and-conditions.html

1. You will not face any additional costs for helper replacements.The number of replacements we provide are unlimited

2. No refunds or replacements will be made unless the fee has been paid in full at the time of acceptance.

3. Introductions are confidential. If a helper is passed on to another employer resulting in active engagement, the service fees are still applicable by law. In other word if you refer our carer to a friend we need to know

4. Whilst the agency makes every possible effort to ensure the suitability and integrity of our helpers/carers we cannot be held responsible for cases of negligence, dishonesty, or unreliability.

5. If the client wishes for the helper to take on driving duties then this is the full responsibility of the client. We accepts no responsibility for this whatsoever.

6. Our fee is simply a payment for the introduction of the helper. We cannot be held responsible should the helper remain for a shorter time than originally intended. We will, however, find a replacement as soon as possible and undertake to do so as a commitment.

7. The helper is entitled to a minimum of two weeks’ notice should you wish to terminate their position with the client.

8. The client warrants that:
(A) The information stated in the completed application form is full and correct.
(B) The client will at all times behave in a reasonable and responsible manner towards the helper.

(C) In the event of any attempts to circumvent us or our partners, by conducting outside negotiations with our carers such as offering to pay them directly, hiring them directly, or any other tactic designed to cheat us is deception. We will seek maximum penalties and compensation determined in an English court of law.


The following information is only true if the initial fees were paid in full at the correct time, specified above.
10. If a helper chooses to leave prior to the fulfilment of an agreed contract, then the agency will do its utmost to find a suitable replacement/in as short a time  as possible  at no extra charge.

The agency accepts no responsibility should a replacement not be accepted by the client. When it is necessary to source a replacement, the agency will always strive to find a helper who can commit to a similar time period to the initially agreed contract.  If this is not possible, and a new helper is accepted for a shorter contract period, we will find an additional helper at a later date to fulfil the initial contract period. Once the carer has been engaged no refunds apply if the job subsequently becomes unavailable due to incapacity/hospitalisation or death of the host

11. When sourcing replacements, the agency can give no guarantee regarding the nationality of the helper, age range, race or creed.

12. At the discretion of the agency we will use our best efforts to provide a replacement helper to cover the agreed time period/contract should this become necessary. No refunds are made where the carer feels the need to leave due to the job description (originally offered) being materially altered. For example the carer comes in to support a wife or husband caring for their spouse suffering from dementia/Parkinsons or similar. The spouse carer subsequently dies leaving the carer to deal single handedly with the dementia/Parkinsons sufferer. Or the condition of the individual deteriorates and the job becomes unmanageable


13. If  after arrival the client wishes to cancel they have seven days to do so and will receive 50% refund of the fees. No refunds are given if the carer leaves due to the role they were originally employed for, unfavourably and adversely changing.

Full payment of our fees is payable 7 days prior to the carers arrival. If payment does not arrive within this time we reserve the right without notice to cancel the carers arrival.

Carers receive 50% extra pay for all bank holidays, Xmas, New Year and Easter. When arriving from abroad a 50% surcharge of the daily pay rate is applied on the day of travel.

Failure to pay our invoice within 7 days of arrival will incur penalties calculated at 10% of the sum outstanding. We always ask you to phone or email us you have received it

We do not supply carers on a trial basis with payments postponed subject to suitability. However all parties accept that in the beginning both sides are in a ‘trial’ period. Our commitment is to find a replacement in the event one party or the other is not satisfied.

By receiving delivery and accepting a carer supplied by us you accept the terms and conditions shown above.

Elderly home care domiciliary T&C remain in force until 31/12/17