Pay Guide

Rates of pay for a live in carer

You will be pleased to know

By delivering the carer direct to the service user reduces your costs by as much as 40%-50%. Thus making a substantial saving compared to say- what the average care agency might charge you.

£530.00 – £600.00 Per week upwards depending on levels of experience, amount of formal training, background etc.

This has been the core backbone of our service since the beginning. This method has proven very successful and indeed where we have received all our complimentary testimonials.

Carers are employed by the service user or our xxx European partners xxx. We apply a sourcing fee currently £1200.00. Plus £75.00 registration fee.

Note carers receive 50% extra pay for all bank holidays, Xmas, New Year and Easter. When arriving from abroad a 50% surcharge on daily pay rate is applied on the day of travel.

Pay £800 + Per week.

Zero sourcing fees.

Carers are self-employed.

You are billed by us. We, in turn, pay the carer and the balance 12% represent our profit and management charge. This incidentally is how most care agencies operate.

xxx European Partners ask for details Although in essence the personal assistant is supplied although an employee of our partners. Known as an EU Worker Job Posting xxx