Newly added carers

Newly added carers

CVs of some recently added carers. 
Edited to protect privacy.

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Nursing assistant


000 123 456 78


Auxiliary nursery care
Secundary education institute Benjamín Rua (Madrid)

  • Training at work
  • Occupational trainig and guidance
  • Hygiene in a hospital environment and cleansing of materials.
  • Administrative operations and health documentation
  • Promoting health and providing psychological support to patients
  • Relationship within a work team
  • Basic nursery techniques
  • Dental and stomatological support techniques


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Puerta de Hierro Hospital (general hospital social security) 2015/2016

Providing auxiliary care to patients/clients and taking action on the health and hygiene condition of the patients environment as a member of a nursery team at specialized health under management of a nursery diplomaed specialist or, when appropriate, as a member of a healthcare team leaded by a medical team, under appropriate supervision.

Residence (nursing home) Madrid 2014/2015

Attention to elderly. Responsible for facilitating their activities of daily living such as food, hygiene, medications, and to encourage their social relations.
National Society of the Red Cross (humanitarian institution) Madrid 2010/2013 Volunteer at social integration with people with disabilities.


Native spanish
Intermediate english


Empathy and communication skills
Working capacity
Creativity and dynamism
Interest in constantly updated


Pil instructor
Driving license

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000 123 456 78


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Work and Holiday Visa in Canada until March 3rd 2017

Work History in Germany

August 1st 2000 – July 31st 2003

Attended paediatric nurse training. Including 2100 hours theoretical education and 2500 hours practical training

August 1st 2003 – February 28th 2010

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Medical Faculty

position: Nurse anaesthetist

contact: Angela ×××××××××
email : ×××××××××

March 1st 2010 – May 31st 2012

Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin / Trauma Hospital Berlin

July 7th 2011 – July 31st 2012

mevanta Pflegegesellschaft mbH
Karl-Marx-Allee ×××××× Berlin

position: Home Support Worker for elderly people ( Part time, 16 hours per week)

June 1st 2012 – July 31st 2012

Kinderintensivpflegedienst Gänseblümchen / Children intensive homecare Berlin ×××××××

position: Home support worker for a 16 year old boy with intellectual and physical disabilities

contact: Anja ×××××××

August 2012 – June 2015

traveling Asia, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Europe

July 1st 2015 – December 15th 2015

New Generation Care24 GmbH
Ahrensfelde, Germany

position : Home support worker for a paraplegic client

contact: Nadinxxxxxx

Work in New Zealand

June 2013 – July 2013


position: Hospital Aid

October 15th 2013 – January 31st 2014

NZ Care
73 xxxxxx

position: Community support worker

Work in Australia

October2014 – January 2015

Malvern Nurses Agency
East Melbourne

position: Personal Care Assistent in Age Care Facilities (casual)

October 2014 – January 2015

xxxxx Choice
E7/2A Westall xxxzz
Clayton VIC

position: Disability Support Worker in Clients Home Environment

Work in England

May-June 2015

Leaming Spa, Warwick, CV3xxxx

position: private live in 24/7 support worker for elderly couple

December 2015 – June 2016

traveling USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia

Work in Canada

August 2016 – December 2016

We Care Home Health Service
XXXXDickson Ave xxxxxxxxx

position: Home support care giver

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000 123 456 78


  • University of Elbląg – Professional Teaching
  • University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin, Poland – Political Sciences and Journalism, Master’s Degree.
  • High School/College “im. J. Zamoyskiego” in Lublin, Poland (class with advanced English)


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2005-2009 xxxxxxx Care company, central region ,care assistant, xxxxxGroup Oxford, city central region, INCOME and ADMIN OFFICER,Personal assistant, Oxford xxxxxx Outlook.

Live-in Care Solutions Ltd. Personal care assistant
running English course for adults in Poland under EU grants

Manager of own business – Art and Language Gallery in Lębork, Poland, TEACHER of English, freelance translator

working and living in UK still:

xxxxxxTrust Glossop, Buxton, UK Residential Social Worker –caring for young people with learning disabilities (04.2008 – 02.2009)
(epilepsy, autism, )

Medical Practice- Chapel -en-le Firth, admin staff-RECEPTIONIST- dealing with patients, making doctors’ and nurses appointments for them, printing prescriptions, answering phone calls, cooperating with medical staff and the doctors, translating.-TRANSLATOR Polish-English(05.2007 – 04.2008)

xxxxxxHotel in Buxton – RECEPTIONIST front desk (check in and dealing with the guests’ issues, answering calls, etc. – on shifts) (10.2006 – 01.2007)

xxxxxxxCottages in New Mills, High Peak (07.2006 – 10.2006), Residential Social Worker 2009-2013 staying in Poland as an English teacher at home – private lessons.

1988-2004 –
Journalist first and then as a Main Editor in various Polish papers and weeklies such as: “Dziennik Lubelski”, “Kurier Lubelski”, “ITD”, “Panorama Lubelska”, “Wiadomości Świdnickie”, “Linia Otwocka”, “Tygodnik Otwocki” – adjusting texts, writing and editing materials, management of the journalist team, editing papers.


working and living in Italy

first as a house keeper and nanny, than for 7 months in Travel Agency in Rome as a Travel Agent.

Admin staff, translator, receptionist, carer from 2nd of June 2014


2005,January Anti-Abusive Practice St. Christopher’s Trust and Emergency First Aid Course and Manual Handling of loads, Infection Control ,Health and Safety Course. Two weeks of full training at encouraging and helping people with learning disabilities, CRP and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention,

receptionist courses

XXXXX Care, Ipswich UK- full 5-days trainings at manual handling, medicines treatment, using medical equipment like hoists, philosophy of elderly people, dementia and Alzheimer, depression, food and hygiene, healthy diet.


  • Polish – native language – fluent (written and spoken)
  • English – fluent (written and spoken)
  • Italian – good


Decent knowledge of computer software such as “Microsoft Word”, “Microsoft Excel”, “Microsoft PowerPoint”, etc.
Driving licence, cat. “B”.
National Insurance Number (UK).


Literature, classical music, parapsychology, yoga, gardening, tennis

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Eva xxxxx


000 123 456 78


1973 September -1978 June

  • University ELTE BTK, Budapest
  • DIPLOMA OF Hungarian and Italian literature and grammar teacher – MASTERS

1971 Sept.-1973 June

  • University of Rome (respite)

1969 Sept.-1971 June

  • High School


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23 May 2016-10 June 2016: xxxxxx (Surrey, Epsom) Replacement of permanent carers.

11 September 2015 – 24 April 2016: xxxxxx Care Farnham Live-in carer
Tasks: providing personal care and taking care of an elderly woman with dementia, Alzheimer; meal preparation, washing, ironing, medication admin.

17 August 2015 – 1 September 2015: Care home Shepperton Live in carer
Tasks:Taking care of an elderly couple. One of them with advanced dementia.

10 August 2015 – 17 August 2015: Care home  Egham  Live in carer
Tasks: Providing personal care, housework to an elderly couple, both with dementia
(+meal preparation, medication administration)

20 July 2015 – 2 August 2015: xxxxx Care, Farnham Live-in carer
Tasks: providing personal care and taking care of an elderly woman with dementia, Alzheimer; meal preparation, washing, ironing, medication admin.

March 2015-April 2015: LIVE-IN CARE xxxxxxxx Live-in personal care assistant
Tasks: providing personal care and helping in the everyday routine to a client with Cerebral Palsy.

November 2014-March 2015:  RINGMERE self employment Live-in personal care assistant
Tasks: providing personal care and companionship to elderly people (a couple) with different kind of dementia

Sept. 2013 – Nov. 2014:  Personal care assistant Residential Home, Ringmere
Tasks: – Personal care (washing, showering, bathing), toileting, using tools like standing aids, hoists… Light cleaning, changing pads, bed linens…
Meal preparation, feeding, dealing with persons of different kind of dementia, sight/hearing/moving difficulties…

Jul. 2009 -Jun.2012: self emloyment Budapest (Hungary), personal care worker
She’d been an 89 old lady and she has had cancer. A year later she’s got a spinal injury. She needed palliative care and end of life care. I took care of her in every meaning.
TASKS: Meal preparation, feeding, giving her enough liquid with the use of straws, personal care, pad changing, bed linen changing, bed bathing, loundry, cleaning, paying bills, shopping, medication…

July 2002. -Jun.2009:  TARNOK, HUNGARY self employment
TASKS: Helping her in the everyday routine, in every meaning (meal preparation, personal care, helping her to maintain her independence, companionship, shopping…).

July. 2001-July 2002: I worked in different states of the USA and at different families. My activities and responsibilities included taking care of the house (cooking, laundry, shopping), helping school age children in their everyday life like getting them to school, food preparation, dressing… Taking care of sick people (one of them, for example, had amputation off his legs because of a very serious diabetes and I took care of his life: getting up, going to bed, cooking, dressing, using the toilet, bathing, food preparation, getting the insulin injection, laundry, shopping, house duties).

MAY 1996-JULY 2000: self employment ,Houston, Texas, U.S.A. Houskeeper, personal care assistant
TASKS:  meal preparation, shopping, laundry, cleaning, medication. At his last 2-3 months: end of life care.

March 1995 – May 1996: self employment,Rome, Italy,personal care assistant
TASKS: palliative/end of life care

Jun. 1978 – March 1995:  Hungarian Mass Media (Radio, Television, newspapers)
journalist, reporter, announcer

Grammar Schools, University of Budapest:teacher (languages, literature)

Operasinger (freelance)

Driving licence:category B

Computer skills: Word, Excel, Internet


  • Hungarian – native language
  • English – intermediate
  • Italian – fluent
  • German – low level
  • Swedish – just started


reading, writing, singing,sports, travelling, movies.

Other skills:

I was born to give and to love. That’s what the ‘headline’ is and always has been and always will be in any of my former or future professions.
I’ve got very good communication skills in having a deep team spirit and I have a very good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained through my work experience in Hungary and abroad as well; I have a great heart to love people and to be a giver. It’s been to me always a great pleasure to be connected with others and I’ve always been able to project my care and love for people who needed it. This is not a job for me: it’s in my personality, in my nature.
Helping people who need help it doesn’t mean working to me; it is a vocation and a gift that makes me happy no matter how much or how hard is, actually, what I have to do to fulfil all the needs of whoever I am assigned to.
I am flexible, I am strong in and out, capable to work hard and as much as needed…I learn new things very easily.

I am using the update service of DBS.
Update Service ID

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Rosalind xxxxxx


000 123 456 78


  • GCE English (a) History (a) Art (a) Mathematics (a)
  • GCSE English (a) History (a) Art (a) Mathematics (a)

*Banff & Buchan College of Further Education
*HNC Secretarial Studies with computers, DW3 & 4,
*HND Secretarial studies with Computers and business studies
Multimate, Financial Services, Employment & Payroll,
Law in the Workplace, Book-keeping, Audio Typing, RSA I & II


A confident pro-active individual with first class communication skills, strong analytical skills and attention to detail. Flexible and can make a significant contribution to any team. Working in a fast paced and changing environment, in the Education sector.


xxxxxxx Homecare – October 2015 – Present
Live in caring for a retired Doctor in London – Parkinson’s and Altziemers Lewy bodies, bed bath, all equipment used, feeding, mķall washing, shaving, reading books and newspapers, looking after pet dog, cooking most meals, shopping. Also retired Naval Officer, little weight bearing, shopping, preparing meals, support to commode and wheelchair using hoist, support of Services.

xxxxxxxxCare June 2015 – October 2015 Contract
Live in caring for lady with Altziemers from March till August, Alzheimer’s, lewy bodies, support with all washing, dressing medication, attending singing for the brain, gardening club, exercise club for Altziemers. Also end of life till beginning of October. All support given.

xxxxxxxxHomecare March 2015 – June 2015 Contract
Temporary live-in
Altziemers, End of life, working also with a lady who suffered a stroke, all equipment used.
Convene, hoist, medication administered, (mar chart) wheelchair, commode.
Surrey County Council – Social Services Team – Administrator – Contractor November 2014 – March 2015
Administration duties, customer service, scanning and uploading documents on Wisdom, typing of correspondence, using Microsoft office, faxing documents, sending documentation. Diary management, answering queries on phone, transferring calls to senior members of staff, arranging and sending information packs. Organizing and booking meetings for all areas o the Transition Team. Using Excel August 2014 – November 2014 Worked as live in carer for 3 families, Alzheimer’s and Stroke.Completed training course with xxxxxx Care, modules completed.

AQA – Guildford Senior Administrator/Secretary/Customer
Support/Mathematics/Geography/September 2003 – August 2014

Administration duties, Customer Servic given to all schools and the general public regarding the AQA Syllabus and with reference to information regarding all aspects of the exams, using CRM previously now using the Dynamics system. Booking of meeting rooms for papers to be scrutinised, standardisation meetings, training and training equipment, travel and accommodation, typing of correspondence, typing of GCSE Math’s papers, using Microsoft Office. Working in liaison with the Math’s Senior Examiners.Using Windows 7, sending faxes, updating of Client Databases on Excel, Visio, working in liaison with other branches of the Company.
Organising all the Awards meetings which are held twice yearly with the various principal examiners. Organising and sending the marking of various exam papers by the examiners and moderators. Working within a team to meet deadlines for the exams. Checking with various schools with regard to the exam specification papers being sent to the moderators, working with the Qualifications Developers regarding exam protocol and the Manchester Office. (Head Office)

St Peters Hospital Chertsey – Orthopaedics – Senior Medical Secretary/August 2001 – September 2003
Working within a team of Consultants and Senior Medical Secretaries,Sending our correspondence to patients,Typing correspondence from Audio Tapes,Arranging appointments,Booking MRI Scans for patients on the Pas system,Booking appointments and inputting on the Pas system.

Aon Consulting/Pension Administrator/September 1993 – August 2001
Sending out pension forecasts from actuaries,Typing of correspondence regarding pensions,Advising customers on the telephone,Working with the Facilities Manager,Working in Reception for staff breaks and holidays when required Booking of accommodation and travel when required, for Managers in the UK and in America,Booking of meeting rooms in Woking, Farnborough and London ● Ordering of Stationery.


  • Successfully reached deadlines for the Company.
  • Expansion supervision of existing markets for new specification offered.
  • Updated documents to the Website within a deadline.
  • Timescale completed for Mark Schemes, Reports and Question Papers for exams, uploading to a secure server on the AQA Website.
  • Participating and submitting analysis for a Pilot for the new accounts system.
  • Participating and submitting analysis for the new travel portal (online).
  • Health and Safety(full training) certificate achieved (Fire Warden 6 years).
  • Certificate in Environmental Management Systems (Environmental Champion for AQA).
  • Excel Training (Intermediate)
  • Open stage 40 telephone training, Outlook Dynamics, CRM Safety and Health in the office
    Core Behaviours, customer focus, accountability,responsivness to change,Learning at Work, presentation skills, managing difficult situations, work/ life balance.
  • Various training in all aspects for Company progression (have certificates).
  • Volunteer Director for a Property Management Company working in all aspects of Housing Management for 14 years. Based in Weybridge Surrey. Have enjoyed working in this area.


Microsoft Office, Word, Windows 7, Excel.(Intermediate) Access, Visio, Openstage 40 Telephone training, CRM, also the Dynamics system, Health & Safety in the office, Operation of Monarch Switchboard, Merlin Switchboard, Excel spreadsheets for data, PAYE, account codes processing, French and German, Outlook Dynamics.


Cycling, walking, reading, history, tennis and cooking.

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Theresa xxxxxxx


000 123 456 78


Any additional qualifications

  • Health and Safety, 05th February 2016
  • Person Centred Care, 13th August 2015
  • Record Keeping, 05th February 2016
  • Safe Administration of medicines, 05th February 2016
  • Safeguarding of vulnerable adults, 02nd February 2016
  • Cardiac resuscitation, 18th March 2015
  • First Aid, 18th March 2015
  • Safe Handling, 04th December 2015
  • Communicating Effectively, 18th June 2015
  • Nutrition and Diet, 06th August 2015


My home is in the Isle of Man, children all grown up and I was educated Gobhela Primary School, Mbumbulu High School and Ngwelezana College of Nursing
Name and address of school and/or university
I obtained a diploma in general nursing science and a diploma in Midwifery and Psychiatry in 1993.


Current Employment
Personal Assistant to A gentleman on the Isle of Man. References available
Personal full time carer, Basic needs as stated in Maslow’ s hierarchy of needs. Use of full body hoist and bath sling in the bath, and toilet sling. Groceries, cooking, cleaning the house and driving him to GP
Please provide any previous employer references or contacts.
Full details of referee on file.
Relevant experience. Please describe fully your knowledge of elderly care and relevant experience. If you have not any experience that’s fine -but we need to know.
Have you previously been a carer? (if yes, give details)
Yes, See above
Nursing Home Edinburgh Key Roles Staff nurse, duties included, Supervision of staff and allocation of duties; Line responsibility
for 1 unit and 5 staff; Health and Safety responsibilities for residents and staff; Basic needs

Do you have a driving license? Yes
Do you have a criminal record (if so, please give details) No
Are you in good health physically? Yes
Are you in good health mentally? Yes
Are you a vegetarian? No
Do you smoke? No
Are you comfortable with Pets? Yes
When are you available to start work from? 01st March 2017
For how long?
Return date N/A
Location Preferred anywhere considered.