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Lizzie Dekkers , Melbourne. Near Cambridge opinion


I would highly recommend the services of John Babbage and his Team Home Help Company. He has filled an essential niche with innovative service to the elderly at an affordable price with a very personal and helpful service.
When it became impossible for my mother to care for my father at home alone I started to look for live- in help. As my mother is of sound mind and health herself she had resisted, however there came a point when his care was both a 2 person job and totally exhausting. I was blown away when I made my first set of phone calls, I was being quoted in the region of £1,000 per week – who can afford this?
Fortunately I very quickly found Johns website with a search on Au pair for the elderly. And he has provided us with an exceptionally professional, fully qualified, respectful, clean, tidy, helpful lady for a third of the price. The job she dos is essential and it is now affordable. A more expensive service could not pay for better care.

It was such a relief to find his company as I knew from the start that he would be able to help us out and I was amazed at how easy and quick the process was (as were the rest of the family – I got the gold star that week, but it actually goes to John!) It didn’t take much to convince me that what he was offering was a smart idea and that he was authentic and passionate about the service, having experienced how hard it is to care for older relatives himself.
In less than 4 weeks of the first phone call Monika, our carer from Slovakia, was living with my parents. She is just right with my father, who suffers from dementia and is now very old and frail. Gentle, calm, kind and patient, but firm and thorough. She supports my mother with many other house hold jobs as well as my father’s personal care. So the house is again spotless and organised. And of course her being there means that my mother can resume some of her activities in a more relaxed way.
My mother and Monika get on very well and there is reassurance for us all, and especially my mother, to know that someone else is in the house.

We were lucky that Monika fitted in straight away, but I have no doubts that if we had not found the right person first time that John would have helped us interview and employ another person.

John’s business has been a gift to us and I hope it will be to you too.

3a Ann Dekkers. Lizzies Mum and the service user. Melbourne Near. Cambridge.
Dear John,

It is about time I wrote to you to say how very happy we are with Monika, who has been living with us since February this year, caring for my husband. She fits in perfectly and is a joy to have around. She is extremely efficient, and pretty as well, which my husband likes! Everyone who meets her likes her too.

So thank you John for finding Monika for us; life is so much easier with her help.


Both Lizzie, and or Ann can be contacted via Team Home Help

We are saddened to announce that unfortunately Peter recently passed away! 

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