Live-In Residential Care

Live in elderly care v residential care

Live in elderly care v Residential Care Home.

Here we outline how a live- in elderly care service option- stacks up against the “care home “option. The live in option does not need to be “spelt out” its becomes quite evident.With live in elderly care

The individual is cared for in the familiar environment of their own home, surrounded, and amongst their loved ones. Thus avoiding the trauma and stress of being uprooted from the family home, and having t0 adapt to an alien living environment and a totally different regime. Often the trauma to the individual rubs off, and affects, and distresses their loved one too. Not to mention a feeling of guilt on the part of the relatives, in sanctioning this course of in elderly care

We are mindful of the emotional /sentimental value associated with Mum and or Dads home. Maybe the home in which you as a son or daughter were raised from childhood.Every nook and cranny holds a special memory. Some good and perhaps some- less memorable.

By opting for live-in elderly care we are able to dovetail in all the familiar routines the individual/s knows and accepts and are are an integral part of their daily life. For example enabling you to keep hold of your favourite dog or cat. Enjoy the meals you like…..not what’s given to you. With live-in elderly care it’s a one-one scenario. Which means the carer devotes their entire focus on you- the host! Thus enabling the carer to accumulate valuable knowledge and understanding about the individual, their interests, as well as likes and dislikes. Lastly, remaining living at home ensures visits from friend continues.

Once in a care home visits tend to slow down, or even stop. Mentally-people inadvertently write that person-off.

Its a fact in a nursing home the individual is just one of many. Many care homes are understaffed with poor staff to resident ratios. The result often being that the staff have little time to devote to each individual.Moreover, generally staff in care home work on Rota’s, and or rosters. Consequently the residents rarely have an opportunity to develop much of a rapport when carers are constantly changing shifts. Residential elderly care home option

The individual’s are moved out of their own home into a new environment. From then on they are looked after- (sadly not always) kept warm, fed, washed, clothed and cared for in an institutional environment. Many of the residential care homes do a great job, sometimes under difficult and challenging circumstances. These establishments do provide for some residents a great source of social environment, with lots of different people to chat to etc. Residential care also keeps siblings’ families and friends contented and reassured (job done!) when living far away- especially abroad. Reassuringly knowing that their loved ones personal welfare is taken care of thus- enabling the relatives to enjoy their own time together. But be prepared for some hefty bills-£800.00 per week plus.

We acknowledge there are a number of scenarios where residential care or hospitalisation is the only solution. We will cover this subject in a later blog.