Live-in carers to the elderly

Our founder John and Libby both now in their 70s formed Team Home Help, after witnessing the unfortunate demise of John’s parents under the ‘state’ elderly care umbrella.  We saw pen-pushers, do-gooders, robotic carers who were trained to use the word such as  “darling” but no empathy.  In and out visits, hello, goodbye, and a ‘Wiltshire Farms’ dinner shoved in the microwave. 

Basically, what mum and dad needed was a “minder” in place.  A mate, chum, carer, personal assistant would have dealt with almost every scenario. For example, ensuring the back door was locked at night, keeping them presentable in terms of clean clothes washing etc. Getting out and about, they had a car which the carer could have used. making sure they had a social life, but most of all watched over them to make sure they don’t fall over.

With a live-in carer, there is the added benefit of keeping more of your parent/s money where it belongs- in “their” own pocket!

live -in care 

Provide the most comprehensive solution in keeping ‘loved ones’ safe and where they belong -in “their” own home! A live-in carer is the only effective protection against falls/tumbling over. Falls are one of the biggest danger facing people living alone. Many never recover from a serious fall which was the case with this authors father.

Unfortunately, no amount of pop -in visits can effectively cover the risk of a fall. Only 24/7 delivers!

With Teamhome Helps creative solutions- there is the added benefit of keeping more of your parent/s money where it belongs- in “their” own pocket!

Innovative and proven highly effective live-in  elderly care solutions.

Originally created for the benefit of senior citizens by senior citizens- John and Libby.


We dedicate this page to Jack (1916-2012) and Violet (1918-2005)

Our mission is dedicated to providing affordable live-in elderly care support-elderly care at home.

Team Home Help offers to siblings a relatively affordable opportunity for “repayment time” to  our Mums and dads.

CQC The care quality commission defines organisation such as ours as: An Introductory Agency under the Health and a social care act. 2012

John's, Mum Violet and Dad Jack. Attending Alzheimer’s support group party Laid-on for Violet's birthday.