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Question? Are Live-in carers an ideal solution to support an elderly person?

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 live-in carers    To the elderly how do they stack up? 

For the Sons and Daughters and family friends etc. with so many commitments or perhaps living some distance away, they are unable to find the time to visit as often as they would wish.

Does this strike a chord with you? How many of us have resorted to making 3-4 calls per day just checking if mum dad are alright. Hurried calls with no real quality time to properly chat. In fact in truth just going through the motions.

Then in our humble opinion the absolute best solution is to appoint a buddy/carer to take care of them during those times you are unable to be there.

Why live-in carers?

Prevents: Loneliness/Company!  Falls fracture risk minimised.  Security- dealing with unwanted doorstep callers, ensuring doors are securely locked at night. Keeping the individual smart and tidy, domestic support and often a chauffeur. There are many other benefits too numerous to mention here.

No more feeling guilty mum and dad are being left to fend for themselves. With a live-in carer that’s not the case. With a live in carer in attendance you can plan your visits and spend real quality time with them.
Mums and dads deserve to remain in their own  home wherever possible.  Indeed we see in today’s landscape our elderly folks are passionate in the will to stay in their own homes. Coupled with this there are huge pressures in funding for elderly care support, we can’t like the old days, rely on the state.

Pressure on financial assets.

Not to mention the question of real concerns towards pressures on financial assets.

Many of our elderly folk are stripped bare of their savings and their home to fund their care. This situation leaves the siblings with zero monetary inheritance which is not what most of our parents would wish.

Team Home Helps Live -in carer option to the elderly is proving a big hit amongst our elderly folks and concerned family members

provides your loved ones with an opportunity to retain their independence, dignity, and self respect in a safe and cost effective manner.

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