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Live in carer to support the elderly at home

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Live in carer to support the elderly at Home.

Our mission: to ensure nobody’s Mum/Dad should have to live at home alone, marooned, and isolated.

We are honored to have the oppotunity to be here- for what has been described as our “greatest” generation.
Our beautiful young people of yesterday.
Although today different on the outside- still beautiful! We are delighted to play a part in helping care for them today- its pay-back- time!

I who wrote this article, often cast my mind back to memories of my parents.

For example: My first day at school nervously waiting with Mum in the playground. Feeling her reassuringly gripping my hand.
Or the times when I badgered mum/dad (who were far from rich) into buying “that toy” which had  just caught my eye. I cannot remember any occasion when they refused. Of course I know now (benefit of hindsight) how much of a struggle this must have been for them.
To sum up; They alway placing my needs above their own.

Today the roles are reversed. Now in their later years, mum/dads welfare is firmly in your grasp.

Its a good idea to first contact social services.
However if mum/dad possess above a certain amount of ‘savings’ they may have to cover costs themselves.
Or a personal budget can be granted which could cover some of the costs. If there are zero “savings”or very little, the state will cover all their care cost.

But in most cases due to cost restraints they will not cover a full time live in care.
Unfortunately, without the support of a full time live in carer a high proportion of elderly people are at grave risk.

So,often,when an elderly persom stumbles over unless they are lucky, it triggers an ongoing catalogue of significant negative events.

Unless the individual is fortunate enough to land on something soft the outcome can be anything from broken limbs ( which often never heal) heart attacks, and begins a cycle of more of the same!

In the case of this authors father had the misfortune to fall at home he suffered all of the whats described above, as well as: developing ‘Angina’ and ‘Parkinson’s’ disease-which may have been coincidence, we will never know. One of the few good things to come out from this ordeal was; it showed the importance of engaging a live in carer/personal assistant or similar.

Live in care to support the elderly in most cases does tick the box.

When an elderly loved one appears to be struggling to cope with daily tasks, too many people these days- think -care home!   Why is that?…in our view its due to ingrained perceptions that frailty and old age =care home.

No, not at all, in virtually all cases with a bit of support, most can continue to manage stress free living in their own home.

Too many people are packed off into care homes when with a bit more thought, there are other affordable options. These options are covered in some detail around our website and we would urge you yo take a look for yourself.

Team Home Help operates as an introductory agency

As defined by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We recruit, screen and introduce carers to  our clients. We advise in the creation and execution of contracts between service user and carer. Team Home operates solely as an introductory organ and should not be confused with “full service” home care agency.

As such we are unable to deliver any form of care packages or care planning schedules. What we do instead is give YOU the freedom to set the care packag, as and how, you please.

Live in carer to support the elderly support for those who once supported us.

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