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live in carer to support the elderly

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Elderly care at home

When faced with the dilemma of how best to help our ageing parents or relative in being able to remain living independently an where they belong- at home, can become a challenging task. 

live in carer to support the elderly

Far too often elderly folks are in our opinion unnecessarily  packed off to some care institution which strips them of virtually everything they own and hold dear. 

Often the only remnants on their whole life comprises of a few faded photographs of happier times gone-by. Often lost their home and all its memories as well as a beloved pet. This is to us unthinkable and a gratitude to all of this wonderful generation who gave us so much in life. Discarded and dumped!

For many family members placing their loved ones in a care facility is seen as the best and safest option. It certainly relieves them of any responsibility for their welfare, and enables then to visit whenever it suits them without guilt that they are leaving them neglected. But we can say they are neglected of conversation, and being surrounded by family and friends. 

Best Elderly Care Solution.

In our view keeping our loved ones safe at home mostly requires the use of  a live in carer to handle all the tasks which become more difficult in old age.

Memory lapses.

can in some cases can pose be a serious risk. For example forgetting to switch off a hot stove, locking the external doors at night, running baths, etc. etc. 

Mobility risks.

Tripping over and breaking a limb. It seems more elderly people are hospitalised for this occurrence, than any other reason.

Social Activity. 

Many elderly people living alone have very little interaction with the outside world. The have given up on driving, and never have the opportunity to visit old haunts. Just the simply fask of shopping an a supermarket is beyond them. The daunting task for example of dealing with contactless credit cards is all overwhelming. So, basically they dont go anywhere. In many cases the only company they have is a dog or cat. Both of which would be taken away if they are sent to a care home.

Consider all what we have described above, there is but one answer- “a live in carer” in attendance. It enables them to get out-and- about as most carer have a driving license, go shopping, trips to local parks, museums, libraries, soccer matches and trips to the seaside. Keeping them clean and tidy, personal care, washing, ironing, even gardening in some cases. Also protecting them from unwanteds door to door sales people. The list goes on!

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