When Employing A Live In Carer The host family responsibilities are:

To provide an individual with their own room, sustenance and an agreed rate of pay. In addition a fair and reasonable amount of free time- off.The actual hours worked are dependent on the individuals circumstances. Indeed, it’s very difficult to be precise as the carer combines living and working under the same roof. However we suggest the exact requirements are discussed in detail prior to commencement of a contract.

Live in care

Home care support for the elderly

Advisory guidance-pointers to take into account. We would respectfully ask before engaging either an au pair/carer/or nurse it should be clearly understood they are not there in the role of a “skivvy” or “serf”. Experience has shown when treated as an extended member of the family they respond better.

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Home care for the elderly |  guidance and information.

You should be prepared and indeed it’s not unreasonable, your carer might want to spend some of their free time socialising.

When we introduce a foreign national (in the early stages) a degree of tolerance on your part is needed, especially with linguistics.

We ask that you give them time to adjust. Where possible avoid the use of colloquial terms. Thus far we have never encpountered any person we introduced where the language was a problem.

If you are patient, given time a good and respectful relationship develops.

live in carer to support the elderly

Home care support for the elderly. The importance of being totally open and honest.

It’s critical to be totally frank with your carer regarding the level of care required.Otherwise, you are only creating problems in the future relationship.

1.We do from time to- time, see some elements of putting it politely- “glossing over!”, to the extent the carer actually resigned -claiming they were misled.

Over-demanding workloads will over-stretch the care assistant- (24/7 care management is the road to burnout) Where frequent disturbances occur during the night a second helper/companion is advised.

When engaging a live-in person, please remember that living in is for the benefit and safety of the individual, and should NOT be counted as a perk of the remuneration.

Provision of food is a generally recognised part of a live in carer package, and not to be used as a pay bargaining chip.

Although to be honest our younger carers have a different diet to that of the elderly host. To sum up here; neither accommodation or sustenance is not seen as a perk to them. Where they are overseas visitors their sole purpose in travelling to the UK is to help you!

Try to engender an atmosphere of camaraderie with the Live-in. This way you demonstrate a team working together.

Make sure to provide a full job description

It’s important the carer/nurse/ is provided with the fullest information about the precise duties expected. For example work time, leisure time, days off, and holidays. Also a full and frank description. Presenting accurately the state of health of the individual concerned. For example, if the individual gets up a lot during the night we must be advised. We can handle it but it might involve rotation of carers. For example, 2 weeks work and 2 weeks break. Just think to work all day and also disturbed during the night too, it leads to burn-out-and can’t be done long term.

Home care support for the elderly is a tricky one! We are here if you need us.

When your carer arrives from another country It is the host responsibility to collect them from the airport point of arrival.

For more info on: Elderly care at home– why not drop us a line.

CQC The care quality commission defines organisation such as ours as: An Introductory Agency under the Health and a social care act. 2012

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