Let us end the sky high costs in elderly care!

Live in care elderly costs

Live in care elderly costs a huge strain on finances. As old age descend upon us, unfortunately for many living at home (independently) begins to present something of a challenge. There are many reasons for this, much of which we have previously covered (In your old age where do you assume and expect to be? One thing for sure is, we guess – living securely in the privacy of your own home.)

Live in care elderly costs

When faced with this situation what do 95% of people do next? Obviously, and logically, you approach your GP. This then usually moves on to social services for assessment.

The next phase is usually a visit and a cozy chat with social services who outline your options.

Although Social services are usually “well meaning” unfortunately being a “state organ” too often people accept what they might suggest as simply -the only way! The people of our older generation feel they have some kind of obligation to accept it.

The decision taken early on is crucial. If frailty, memory lapses, signs of confusion exist, then one thing for sure is- it isn’t going to get any better! Unfortunately manifestations of the ageing progress never go into reverse.

Why is it so crucial that decisions which is made at the beginning?

Live in care elderly costs extrememely daunting challenge unless you are a millionaire.

From personal experience, we have seen that frailty is one of the biggest enemies. A high percentage of elderly people who eventually end up in residential care may never have reached that stage, if much earlier along the way they’d had a person in attendance to look after them.

Take the case of my own father in law. Like many in their 80’s Dad had a touch of Parkinson’s/dementia none drastically apparent but there all the same. He was also becoming progressively more frail due to lack of exercise and reluctance to eat very much. He did incidentally have drop –in carers, but only for 30 minutes a time twice per day.

Inevitably Dad had a fall. His shuffling gait due to Parkinson’s caused him to trip on a piece of raised carpet. Result – hospital, broken ribs, and slight heart attack.

I saw a big deterioration in his  condition whilst in Hospital and sadly -the fall proved to be the beginning of the end. Weakened when he fell over again, more heart attacks and broken limbs, eventually his body frame resembled that of a skeleton. More hospitals, even more broken limbs and then, sadly he died. Amazingly 6 months previously we were out together in our local park enjoying an ice cream while he watched his favourite-game of bowls.

Without being melodramatic here, if at the outset dad had introduced a live- in carer he might still be here with us today. I’d say the catalyst to all of his troubles (which could have been prevented with a live in carer close-by) was that first stumble/trip over that carpet.

Generally  friends and relatives we are easily swayed into opting for the bit- of help- here -and -there concept. Why do so many people go down this route? Answer usually- Money! After all  a drop in carer is expensive to cope with and a live in carers can range from £600-£800 per WEEK!

Team Home Help – Helping our older generation in launching a fight back against astronomical costs in elderly care. As well as protecting the independence and financial assets of our elderly citizens.

Live in care elderly costs

Understandably with our own parents we often tend to see through rose tinted glasses. Perhaps naively, we see a drop in carer as something they need just to tide them over until they are alright and fixed up again. Unfortunately frailty and old age is not something which is fixable.

Once people reach the stage of requiring someone to come in and provide any support, then invariably this is just the beginning-of usually a worsening situation. At best it’s a patch and mend-sticking plaster over the situation.

We say act swiftly and decisively! Bite the bullet-Now! Live in care elderly costs

Although not based on any “rocket science” concepts, Luton based AAATeam home Help has come up with some creative cost saving alternatives to mainstream options.

Remember, you do have choices here! There is another solution! AAA TEAM HOME HELP

We realise if you are an elderly person in need of a live-in-career than having to accept what’s conventionally on offer seems inevitable.

Here we describe what’s traditionally available:

      1. If you are lucky-then all your care needs can be covered by the state. But only if you have no assets or savings.
      2. If you are able and prepared to pay and require a live in carer; speak to a care agency or ask social services to arrange it. Outcome: cost of £800.00 per week plus- for a live in carer. Interestingly If the carer is for example paid say; £400.00 per week, where does the rest go!
      3. If this is too expensive employ pop in carer/carers. This can work out as much as £400.00 per week depending on the tasks and frequency of visits. At the same time you’re still left alone for long periods throughout the day. Not to mention you are stuck at home-no social life.
      4. Your own family takes the job on.

Many people simply accept “that’s it”-no other solutions.

Here is the OTHER way – affordable elderly care at home (Team Home Help)

Actually, there are other more cost effective and safe options. Say to yourself: “Hang on, let’s do a bit of thinking here- outside of the box”. Instead of using an agency who employs the carer why not instead, you employ the carer yourself directly.

We at Team Home Help offer a good supply of brilliant carers, some indeed are trained nurses, who would be happy to work for wages ranging £250-£300 to live in with you. Big saving..eh!

We employ highly educated, dedicated, and skilled individuals mainly from the Czech Republic. Our package is attractive to them in terms of pay, and also an opportunity to live in an English environment.

This in our view is a great alternative. We know of many cases where  just a part time live out carer say:– 8.30 AM -3.00 P.M  can cost upwards of £200.00 per week.

Last but not least all you former social life is back on track. Visits to social clubs, regular lunches with old pals, visiting the pub, game of bowls, doing your own shopping, or perhaps a trip to the seaside. With your shadow companion all of this is possible.

What’s the downside in our concept?


      1. English isn’t their native tongue so it takes a while to adjust. We do of course pre check their English. But having said that, often a UK care agency suppliesyou  either a Polish or Romanian national. So the language issue still exists. But at least with us you are paying less than half of what you might pay elsewhere.
      2. You have to deal with Tax and N.I. We have a firm of Chartered accounts who deals with all of this for around £20.00 per month. The money saved would more than cover this.
      3. We provide untrained peopleactually NO. Most of them are trained in elderly care or with professional nursing degrees etc.. But what’s the point of any of this, if they are scowling, unkind, and unhelpful for example. Our emphasis is on a good heart and a kind, sunny, friendly disposition. Issues of training in our view are a nonsense.
      4. As the carers are not resident in the UK there is no opportunity to interview them beforehand. Well… Actually there is- Skype!
      5. Live in care elderly costs……We are youur best bet!

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