Jewish elderly care home support

Jewish Elderly Care home support.

Jewish elderly care home support

Services for the Jewish Community Elderly Care.

What do we offer?  A nationwide service. Not like others who operate just in the North London area!

Jewish Elderly care Home Support. We at Team Home Help having ourselves family connections in Czech Republic we source our carers mainly from there. They are bright and intelligent people very much into history and culture. Not to mention it goes without saying -we select only those who demonstrate a kindly disposition.

Jewish Elderly Care – agencies

We differ from most agencies in as much as- we deliver the carers directly to the service user. Which means you the service user employ them instead of the agency. Which of course considerably reduces costs but does not compromise the service level. Many of the carers on our register were previously employees of other care agencies.

All ¬†carers who wish to work in the Jewish community are required to undergo training in both Jewish customs and cuisine. This job has been delegated to one of our current carers who previously spent some time in the past working as a carer to two different families in north London. Is very well versed in what’s-what. We also have prepared a written guidance sheet on Jewish customs and culture see here

Jewish Elderly Care we are honoured to serve.