Jewish customs and culture guide

Jewish customs and culture

This guide was prepared by a person who lives between Europe and Israel. We have not altered the grammar.

Here in bullet point form are some  of different things a Jewish person does which can be for culture reasons or as part of their custom.

This document is given well in advance of taking up a position with a Jewish family.

  • Jewish faith is always to god and they believe that there is only one god and he created the universe.
  • Jewish traditional ceremonies start very early in life. In their culture it’s normal for  a boy to be circumcised at 8 years old.
  • Jewish people are very family life oriented where there is one example Sabbath meal where the family join together and eat a meal to welcome the special day they have in their customs and in their Jewish life.
  • Everything a Jewish person does they do for a reason for a act of worship they don’t only obey the letter of the law but they make spirit of it too.
  • A Jewish person tries to make everything they do with holiness which is an act that praises god which will make him happier and look down on the culture of Jewish people and their life.
  • Jewish people eat certain food too which can be dairy foods they can only eat kosher food and cannot eat pork or seafood such as crab.
  • Jewish people wear round white things on their head when they read there bible or when they go to shul.
  • Jewish people are one of the oldest civilians in history.
  • Jewish people are very rich and diverse and will sometimes just keep to their own individuality and family.
  • On our fasting days Jewish people don’t eat any foods but only kosher meat and sometimes dairy. We avoid giving foods to the elderly such as pork or shellfish and meat with milk. and any meat that is eaten the blood has to be drained from the animal.
  • As a carer it’s important we take notice of these points as it can affect an individual such as a Jewish person.
  • Other things to avoid with foods is bacon or ham which is from the pig and also strawberries as it is of a living microbes.

Finally I would say keep up your good work it is looking very good and professional it is a very good care work company and it looks very supportive.

Benefits a carer can get from working with elderly

Help the individual with their daily needs and if they need any assistance

  • They can learn a new language if the elderly person can speak and learn like hello in Jewish which they will be able to communicate better with them
  • They will build a relationship and bond with the individual and they will gain trust.
  • They will get confidence with the job knowing they have something good at the end of the day for an elderly person such as Jewish individual.