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Jewish Home Care
By popular demand our services now encompass a bespoke service to the Jewish community.
We are here for you!
Jewish Home Care (Live-In) support for the most discerning of clientele. 

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Unusually, we are happy to be able to offer live in carers right across the UK.

We noticed that many other agencies seem to confine their Jewish care services solely to within north London areas. What about the thousands of Jewish people living in other regions?.. for example: Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and many place in-between, and of course- Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We save you substantial sums of money, without delivering an inferior service. We have a narrow focus devoting our services exlusively to live in care. We feel there are more than enough agencies out there offering drop in care services.

We actually offer a highly acclaimed see testimonials more creative approach. We deliver highly competent, kind, dedicated and empathic carers at around 50% of the norm. No…. theres- no catch in it.

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Yad Vashem Centre Israel

Jerusalem Synagogue Prague

Golders Green


Jewish home care
Jakab Our Valuable Jewish Care Consultant

Jewish Home care Exlusively for this section we are delighted to take on-board Jakab Gyula. Originally from Hungary Jakab spent more than 12 years working in the USA as a carer and eventually as a manager. posssessing outstanding references and importantly gained great experience in North London with Bikur Cholim. Jakab left USA after losing his wife who lost a 5 year battle againts cancer. His USA employer stated they valued him so highly they cant imagine him no longer being there. We have managed to bring him to Team Home Help for this new challenge.

In our Jewish care section we supply you with wonderful attentive live-in carers from across the globe. All fully screened and familiar with Jewish customs.

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All undergo some form of training in both Jewish customs and cuisine. Here you can find an info page on some of the points we verse them on see page

Jewish Home care we got it covered!

We ourselves are very interested in Jewish history especially the war time era. Vastly read up on the subject we have also visited Terezin, Auschwitz, and Brnenec (Shindlers Czech factory)

Our founder John together with his brother Peter recently visited the Holocaust centre in Nottinghamshire. They had  the great pleasure of meeting the incredible Arek Hersh -Holocaust survivor.

We shall be going back again.

To learn all about our highly praised (see testimonials) creative cost saving service please go to main pages.

However in a nutshell we cut out the middle-man. At the same time an absolute concrete promise to do everthing within our power to keep your loved ones safe in their own home without- breaking the bank!


John and Arek

John together with Arek Hersh at Holocaust centre near Nottingham.