Jakab Gyula

Curriculum Vitae


Jewish Care Service in London


2001 – 2002 USA – Los Angeles – Computer operator
1981 – 1982 Romania – Brasov – Post-graduate Economic Studies – Food Sales
1980 – 1981 Romania – Brasov – The military – Army
1975 – 1979 Romania – Brasov – Vocational School – Metallurgical High school


English, Hungarian, Romanian, I understand French and Italian


1996 Driving License
2001 USA – Elderly Caretaker Studies
2006 USA – Senior Center Manager Studies ( and 2008, 2010)
2001 USA – First Aid Courses
2001 USA – Food Safety Courses
2003 USA – English Grammar Courses / Intermediate High “A”
2014 England – Certified Caregiver – Bikur Cholim (Jewish Care) Caring in the community



1318 W. Alta Mesa Drive

Brea, CA 90631, USA


My wife and I worked together in USA for 8 years. She bravely fought cancer for 5 years, and continued working virtually until she passed away. Since then I have worked alone. I Worked in UK for a while, and then returned to Hungary as I had some things to attend to and to reflect on what I want to do.


Hungary – I worked 8 months in Hungary (Miskolc). I was live-in private caregiver. I took care of and nursed a 72 years old gentlemen, who had brain tumor. I prepared food, cleaned up, washed up the dishes, fed him, bathed him, clothed him, massaged him, took him for a walk, gave him his medicine, entertained him, took care of his animals (hens, goats, dogs) and cultivated his garden.

England – I worked 6 months in England (London). I was live-in private caregiver. I took care of a 85 years old Gentleman in a kosher family. I was helping with the meal, dressing, bathing, cleaning and I helped walking around.

USA – I used to work for 12 years in the USA in private care homes with 5-6 people. Both women and men, elderly, disabled, or people with mental problems. I had to take care of them: bath, shave, diaper, help them with getting changed, train them physically, give them massage, walk with them, giving them their medicines. I was also responsible for the administrational tasks of the care home, and organizing programs such as:playing cards, playing different kind of games, listening to music etc. I took part in food preparation, cleaning, washing and also in gardening.


2014 – 2015 Hungary – Miskolc – Caregiver
2014 – 2014 England – London – Caregiver
2000 – 2011 USA – Los Angeles – Senior Center Manager, Caregiver
2002 – 2007 USA – Los Angeles – Senior Center Manager, Caregiver
1998 – 2000 Romania – Sf. Gheorghe – Wholesale Grocery Store Manager
1989 – 1998 Romania – Brasov – Own Grocery Store
1979 – 1989 Romania – Brasov – Store Manager


Interests: reading, gardening, exercise, touring


I am honest, helpful, hard worker and a neat person. I am very dedicated about my profession. I like to help elderly people or anybody else who needs help.I do not smoke.I have a clean driving license.I have two sons, and four grandchildren. I am a widow.


Mr. Gyula Jakab and Mrs. Irma Jakab helped us with our elderly care business from 2002 to 2007. Also, Mr. Gyula Jakab successfully functioned as the Administrator Of our business while We were out of town/country.

Gyula and Irma were very reliable and knowledgeable, fast learners, hard workers with a lot Of common sense and just the right attitude in everything they did. They displayed respect for the work they performed and the people they helped and serviced.

Having them around was always a pleasure and a relief. Their readiness for more and new tasks, along with their positive attitude, made it possible for a very stable and solid relationship then, and a wonderful memory now. It is very hard if not quite impossible to ever replace them.

We gladly recommend Mr. Gyula Jakob’s services to anyone in need.

Dated: Aug.29, 2012

Adminstrator RCFE (Residential Care For Elderly)

Phone: 562-522-8397

Note. During the time I was working in California at various times I combined between the two care facilities.(1) Brea Retreat and (2) E.M. Care.

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