elderly people struggling in own home

Elderly people struggling in own home

Lets face it we know many Elderly People struggling in own home. Every day we all know (common knowledge) that as we grow older our faculties become less sharp, more hesitant, etc. As well as frailty which could restrict our ability to do things such as taking our pet dogs -long walks etc.

elderly people struggling in own home

Elderly people struggling in own home alone often find themselves beginning to find it challenging with things which in the past ,they would have taken in our stride. Some of them being less important than others, ranging from a mild hindrance to a real problem. For example many elderly people having to part company with their family pet is serious.

Of course the needs of the elderly are varied and individual, but here we take a closer look at three of them which are of quite high relevance.

1) Driving assistance

Yes, yes, we anticipate your answer! Rather like learning to ride a bicycle once you learnt it you never- forget it. Well, yes and no, you will never forget “ how“ but a deteriorating health condition could prevent you from being able to. Did this thought ever occur to you?

Well, we can cover this one for you- as most of our carers do hold a driving license. Yes of course, mostly they are not used to driving on the left hand side of the road, but you can bet on it with a small amount of coaching they will be able to drive you anywhere you wish.

This is all part of our mission – targets – keeping our seniors happy, contented, safe and independent.  Elderly people struggling in own home

2) Shopping assistance

In many ways there are many similarities associated with driving. None of us forget, or lose the knowledge of how to do shopping. But once again, you need to consider a few points.

CONCENTRATION: It can be very difficult for many elderly people to concentrate/focus on multi differing tasks during a visit to the supermarket. For example, you need to combine checking prices, comparing products, make sure you are not ripped-off by being more aware of all the dubious marketing offers, and last but not least – you need to pay, and then take your purchased things back to the car.

Imagine one day when you are old how would you cope with all these stressful things! However, with one of our carers accompanying you (a sharp pair of eyes and ears) you could just relax and enjoy the experience.

Don´t you want your parents to enjoy shopping as they did in the past? Of course we know you do. Answer- with our service it is not only achievable, but also affordable.

3) Companionship

Elderly people struggling at home.

Until you are personally placed in this position this doesn´t sound like such an important issue with elderly people, sorry… but it is. Loneliness can be really harmful and can seriously damage your health. No doubt about it and confirmed during numerous scientific researches. Other researches, conducted by social scientists, show, that a high percentage of seniors often feel lonely. Although their family members do their best and visit them as often as possible.

 Focussing on valuable points to consider in making your elderly parents more comfortable. Yes, our affordable carers can definitely help them/you.

We cannot emphasize enough for many elders, this is a serious stress and frustration in their everyday lives. This problem is not obvious (as its hidden below the surface) is much more widespread although rarely mentioned in the media.

Solution – Team Home Help

First and most importantly, we know and understand the many problems some of our elderly clients face.

We offer our carers who become your full time live- in friend and helper. Thus providing almost non-stop companionship.. Allowing your our parents to say goodbye to loneliness forever. How simple, problem solved!

We hope that by finding us and by looking over our services we have given you some serious food –for- thought.


Photo:   pixabay.com, norden.org