How does It work?

Home care elderly

A short preamble- followed by ‘how does it work’.

The concept and differing approach to home care elderly- live in care was the brain-child of the husband and wife team of john and Libby.

Being in the very same age category as many of their service users, they know first hand (from sad experiences with Johns parents) what you might currently be encountering.

This gives them very exceptional empathy!

Take a look at elderly as a host and more on the team the Live-in elderly Care Specialist

In a nutshell, how does Team Home care elderly Help differ?

Essentially we cut out the “middle man” from the equation.

To explain- Usually a care agency supplies you with a carer who is ‘EMPLOYED by them. Typically carers are paid by the agency between £550-£650 per week. They then sub-hire to you at anything between £850-£1000 per week (higher if it’s caring for a couple)

Our way!!

  1. We side-step this layer of profit by delivering to you the very same calibre of people (many have previously worked for high profile UK care agencies) for no more than the actual pay rate the carer requires e.g.-£550-£650 per week. Instead, you employ them, thus cutting out using an agency and its considerable profits. We recommend using an accountant type company to handle Tax N.I. issues etc. This would cost around £20.00 per month extra. However, you need to ‘factor in’ holiday pay, employer tax, sick pay and cost of a locum. We are able to provide locums at no extra cost. Although there are other costs, even then, clients advise us they save on average £12-£15,000 per year.
  2. We deliver you a carer via our partner agencies located within the E.U. They actually employ the carer in their native country, under a recognised EU job posting scheme. They handle and cover all their taxes, N.I. holiday pay, and replacement, other than agreed monthly payment you are not liable for any other costs and are not their employer. Our partners work this way with many UK agencies who then sell them on to you at between £2-£400 per week more. You pay monthly in arrears and we handle the process. We invoice you and remit the payment in local currency to their actual employer. The service has no dealings with the EU agency as your contract is with us. This is proving a very popular option. You have no involvement with any statutory obligations.

Myths peddled relating to home care elderly care at home.

We suggest Vested Interests could play a part here! To be blunt there’s a lot at stake when carers are often paid £550.00 per week then repackaged out at £850.00 per week. Especially when taking into account its the actual carer who is doing ALL the work.

Despite all the hoo-ha and H&S hype in our view apart from extreme cases -(Advanced Alzheimer’s for example), the job although demanding is essentially simple and straightforward.

Despite all the hoo-ha and H&S hype in our view apart from extreme cases -(Advanced Alzheimer’s for example), the job although demanding is essentially simple and straightforward.

Mainly involving companionship, time, patience, keeping a watchful -eye out, cooking, cleaning, bathing etc.

If it’s that complicated…… how come millions of spouses care for their partners at home everyday unpaid and untrained?

Statistics show currently there are more than 400,000 unpaid spouse carers in the UK many of these age 85+! Never heard of any problems with spouses caring for their other half….not one!

Yes, it’s a job anyone with common sense can do! Generally, our carers have opted to join us to do the job sensibly, but without all the fuss and bureaucracy previously imposed on them. Like for example leaving someone in agony lying on the floor due to H&S.

Assistance- home care elderly – can we help you?

Quite a number of enquirers ask if we can provide a nurse?-whatever for? Mum/Dad invariably aren’t actually ill ‘as such’ and don’t need someone to carry out a bedside vigil! If there is a need for a nurse to administer injections etc., social services will provide a district one to call in.The main issue to be concerned with is frailty and the ensuing risk of falling over. Research has shown falls/tumbles are the main contributing factor which eventually leads to admission into a residential care home. Avoiding the first fall is crucial. Only answer is a 24/7 minder’ in place.

However whatever you are looking for we got it covered. We have individuals with different ranges of skills:-trainee medical doctors, nurses, and highly experienced carers, and some, quite simply really nice kind people of limited experience too.

Putting you in charge. Manage your home care for elderly requirements -yourself.

Basically we offer an opportunity to put you the service user in the driving seat. You set the bar and levels of what the carer can and cannot do. Don’t be pushed around by bureaucrats and ‘we know best’ types!

We encourage free thinking, non stereotype care based around being your best chum!

Team Home Help providers in Elderly home care to our elderly mums and dads

Team Home Help deliver innovative highly cost-effective alternative options.

Our creative approach to home care for elderly enables you to beat the perceived “the only way” approach.

As you would expect we conduct a rigorous vetting procedure; including CRB or equivalent, personal and previous employers references. We take your satisfaction very seriously.

All our highly valued carers/P/As from the EU, hold an equivalent to DBS. In the case of UK carers, most will possess or already have one. Although if they have been out of the profession for some time it may have expired. That being the case you would need to wait until they have another one in their possession.

In some cases, our service users felt sufficiently comfortable with the carers references provided and agreed to’ take them on’ pending its arrival.

Often where a service user is a man and quite heavy a male carer is more appropriate.

Creative home care for elderly solutions. Delivered to you by –TEAM HOME HELP.

By taking up our service you acknowledge acceptance of all term and conditions.
Note: CQC The care quality commission defines organisation such as ours as n Introductory Agency under the Health and a social care act. 2012

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