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How Best To care For Elderly Parents

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Dilemma and How Best To Care for elderly parents
Dilemma and How Best To Care for elderly parents

Weighing Up….Dilemma and How Best To Care for elderly parents

Keeping elderly folks safe at home.

How Best To Care for elderly parents. Team Home Help (live-in care specialists) would like to offer some insight into what we have learned during the 3 years we have been operating in this sector.
First, we cover public perception of the best approach.


We Solve The Issue Arising -Dilemma and How Best To Care for elderly parents
People generally assume elderly people struggling at home equals-eventual care home. No, not at all.
Actually, from our experience in most cases, all that’s needed is a person to act as their “minder”.

 We solve for you the Dilemma and How Best To Care for elderly parents

Finding the right person.

Someone to take on the tasks they are finding difficult or challenging.Yes, a kind, caring, fit and healthy person. Indeed in most cases, all they need is an individual with lots of common sense. Certainly they don’t need an expensive ‘so-called’ trained carer.
When it becomes obvious that mum, dad, or both, are finding it difficult to cope independently at home, then of course questions have to be asked.
For some siblings, burying their head in the sand is their way of dealing with it. This means fingers crossed no harm will befall either of them.
Many delude themselves it’s some kind of symptom of being unwell, and they will simply in time get better. We don’t suggest they are uncaring, but more the fact they just can’t accept the fact their parents have reached this stage in their life. After all, getting old and frail is something which will never happen to our own parents.. it’s confined to other peoples parents.
Manifestation to watch out for.
Essentially the problems come into 3 categories.

1) Physical. 2) Cognitive. 3) Isolation-Loneliness. Here we cover some of the issues arising:-

1.Physical problems.

Live-In Carer to elderly covers this.
 These are in the area of mobility, inability to lift or move items, deal with simple tasks.Like for example removing a top from a bottle, or opening a tin of beans for example. Most of what we described above is not exactly dangerous but mobility issues ARE!

Falls Prevention.

Live-In Carer to elderly covers this.

It’s a known fact most people who eventually finish up in a care home, can trace it back to a fall which usually occurred in their own home. Very few are fortunate enough to fall on something soft. Usually it’s something disastrous like a radiator, as was the case with this author’s father.
The result was a nasty gash to his head, 3 broken ribs, and a minor heart attack. After this he sustained further falls, more heart attack, and general deterioration from each subsequent hospital stay.
2. Cognitive problems.

Live-In Carer to elderly covers this.

Most of us with elderly parents friends or relatives observe elements of this. In most cases these slips are not disastrous but nevertheless with a live-in buddy to act as the prompter and reminder is invaluable and reassuring for relatives and concerned friends.
The three most serious lapses would be:-
1) forgetting to lock a back door especially at night.
2) leaving on a cooker. Obviously we don’t need to state the seriousness of this occurring.
3) forgetting to take regular medications.
Many other lapses can cause frustration and anxiety such as: forgetting someone is coming to visit them. Bad news if it’s a friend or relative, much worse if it’s the Doctor or Nurse. That is if you are lucky to see a visiting doctor. We can’t cover every eventually where cognitive impairment impacts adversely, but we hope you see the picture.
3. Isolation-Loneliness.

Live-In Carer to elderly covers this.

This is the unseen and often unrecognised situation facing our parents. From our observations, most parents do not wish, or admit by owning up to it. Our parents and part of a tough, resilient, and proud generation. Imagine how can they say to you” I am lonely can you help?” There is no way as they for sure worry they are being a burden on their children. Who they fully appreciate are very occupied with taking care of their own family unit.

 Many elderly folks spend literally weeks on their own..not seeing a soul! Eventually, this condition can be as debilitating as a physical illness. It must be absolutely horrid. Conversely, we have witnessed when a new friend is introduced one of our live-in buddy  (carers) totally transform them. They perked up, and become a constant chatterbox, instead of the hitherto isolated introvert person we witnessed.
Dilemma and How Best To Care for elderly parents solutions published by Team Home Help
Whilst a Live-In Carer to elderly does not tick all the boxes it’s by far the best solution.  August 2019


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