Home visits

Elderly Home Visit Service (hourlies)

To satisfy an ever increasing demand we have expanded our service to include home visiting care.

Whilst previously our focus has been the “live in carer “option, we do accept there are many people out there who feel it’s not what they want right now. So, we listened, and now offer this alternative.

Essentially we provide experienced carers willing to accept a ‘broad remit’ in terms of what is required from them. Obviously individual circumstances dictate what’s needed.

However the most important thing apart from (of course competence) is that the visitor is of a kindly and friendly disposition. These are inherent (or not) in the individual and cannot be taught. Indeed this is number one in our selection process.

We always participate in lengthy discussion/dialogue before deciding the best way forward. We interview them all and background check including DBS.

Our Elderly home visit service -is it for you?

Currently confinded to areas: Beds, Herts, Bucks and London.

What we deliver is a friendly face, ready to be your mate companion and buddy. As near as possible to someone who cares for you in the same way a close friend or relative would.

A person calling in every day(or whenever you wish)  is very reassuring not only to the service user, but friends and family too. Especially if they live far away, and often are worrying if you are OK, and no harm befell you during the night.

Generally what you can expect of them is: help with getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, taking to the loo if needed, and making sure you take any medication required.
Once these tasks are done and you are feeling fresh and looking smart-we then move onto perhaps preparing some breakfast.

After perhaps a chat about current affairs maybe some of your life experiences, what you plan on doing that day, as well as a multitude of other topics.

Elderly home visit service – Might help you too!

Other important tasks include;- washing/ironing, otherwise we won’t be able to keep you looking smart. Of course you may have someone else who deals with these tasks…fine!
We may need to communicate with your GP or pharmacist. Speak to a relative about any issues which need attending to.Many of our carers hold a driving license and are happy to take you out if needed. Some are happy to undertake gardening duties including that overgrown hedge for example.
Our carers are happy to assist in steadying you with a suppotung hand/arm if you wish to move around the house. This support is very reassuring if the individual recently sustained a fall.

Elderly home visit service – costs

Elderly home visit service
We have taken a good look at the market and concluded good professional carers rarely come at £8.00 per hour. Especially bearing in mind they have car running costs to factor in. Cheap hourly care is something neither us or the client benefit from.

Cost for home visits are negotiated between you and the carer. However as a guide it’s £12.00 and upwards per hour. In central London it is usually more. Our service charge of 15% is included in the hourly rates.

Minimum time duration is one hour.

Note we deliberately avoided offering online apps or other electronic payment methods. Our survey revealed elderly service users and baby boomer siblings are not so keen on it. Old fashioned and straight forward they prefer as do- we!