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For help e-mail: teamhomehelp123@gmail.com

For help e-mail: teamhomehelp123@gmail.com

A Private live in carer | In support of ageing mums and dads?

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Home support to the elderly

private live-in carer to support our elderly mum, dad, or both. 

Home support to the elderly by way of  Private live-in carer. When we see our aging parents beginning to show signs of struggling to cope with daily routine tasks at home.

At this point, we then have to ask questions as to what can be done to support them?

Of course in the early days when it appears they are just mildly finding things a little more difficult- it’s easy to ignore. Often putting it down to some kind of hiccup and they will simply be alright in the long term.

It’s natural for siblings to feel this way as mum and dad in the sibling’s eyes, are indestructible and always able to get by.

We put them on a kind of pedestal. Especially as they were always the ones ‘we came to’ in times of trouble and perceived invincible.

Home support care to the elderly

Is a private live-in carer– the answer?

In most cases yes! Unfortunately, as far as these traits of old age are concerned, we must consider they are not going to get better or correct themselves.

The aging process is irreversible and the spiral is inextricably downwards.

Moreover, the inability to handle daily tasks becomes markedly more evident as time goes by.

Many people také a narrow perspective based on traditional solutions. The word Care Home springs to mind and merely dropping in, now and again, will suffice.

The idea of a care home for a beloved parent/ fills this author with horror moreover, we have proven in two cases it was not the only solution.

 Team Home Help has actually taken two individuals out of care institutions and successfully reinstated them back into their own homes..

Basically a good “minder” (private live-in carer) can compensate for all the mental and physical attributes being eroded by the aging process.

Home support to the elderly provides help with all daily tasks the individual is struggling with, or unable to do is effectively taken over by the live-in carer.

Here is a brief list of tasks that a private live-in carer can cover.

Memory lapses.

No more forgetting to close the back door at night, or forgetting the stove is switched on. Forgetting to take medication, misplaced keys for example, or struggling with the remote TV control buttons which ones are which etc.


If the carer private live-in carer has a driving license, a simple task on getting to and from the supermarket is possible once again.

Being able to select the items you want, check out the prices, and confidently approaching the till, etc.

All made possible due to your private live-in carer being right alongside you all the way.


Your private live-in carer can give all the family reassurance. By answering the door to welcome wanted visitors as well as dealing with the occasional unwelcome visitor.

Easing the elderly person-daily life

Home support to the elderly. What better way than to have a ‘valet’ to help you out of bed, wash, or bath you.

Help with personal care if going to the loo unaided is becoming challenging. What better than to have round the clock help.

Followed by putting you into clean clothes, all maintained, washed and ironed by the carer.

Your breakfast prepared, with cup tea/coffee to accompany it. All crockery washed and stored away.

For the rest of the day, you have a chum to chat wit and help with daily tasks, lunch, dinner, all- sorted!  What about a visit to an old chum or a day trip to the seaside?…no worries there- either.

“Why on earth don’t every elderly person finding daily life challenging, employ a Private live-in carer?”


Peoples thinking often don’t stretch to this. It seems more like the option only for celebrities It’s simply written off as something just for the rich people.

However, with our creative packages, the cost is a little more than what you would expect to pay for casual drop-in care. Yes, you can tot-up more per week in the cost of drop-in carers, than say:- a full time one.

In many instances, part of the cost can be covered see NHS page covering this here- personal budgets.

Recent google keyword research (conducted by us) revealed that 90% of daily searches for elderly care- were for care homes-it says it all.

We hope this information gives you food for thought. Home support to the elderly-delivers by way of a live-in carer.

www.teamhomehelp.co.uk   August 14th 2019.

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