At Home elderly care


At Home elderly care

At Home elderly care

A live in Carer to support an elderly person.  Historically proven (so often) a most effective solution. Keeping our loved safe “AT” home- instead of possibly “IN” a home! At Home elderly care delivers the best solution.

Here you will find some pointers as to whether or not At Home elderly care by way of a live in carer might be the answer for a vulnerable ageing loved ones.

You may have reached the point where for a number of reasons, living alone, is becoming a real challenge. Unfortunately, at this stage most families when deciding what next, tend to fixate towards the residential care home option. Culturally we tend to think in these situation as simply ‘getting old and struggling=care institution’. It seems we show little lateral thinking on this issue. Whereas, actually, there is a perfectly good alternative solution which solves all your needs around the home.

Frustrating spell of confusion.

At Home elderly care

Sadly as we age some elements of cognitive limitations begin to appear on the scene. This can be exacerbated by the bewildering array of new technologies and fancy gadgets etc. Even for a person who remains abreast of today’s technology it can be daunting, but for someone showing signs of dementia etc. The whole environmental surroundings, can become a haze of bewilderment and actually distressing. At least is the individual remains living in their everyday surroundings perhaps together with their beloved cat or dog with them it’s got to be the best place for them…at home.

It’s becoming apparent you need assistance every day.

At Home elderly care

If it’s becoming more and more blatantly obvious assistance is becoming crucial to your well-being. If maintaining everyday routine tasks is becoming a real struggle a live in carer seems the most logical option. If things such as getting out of bed, washing yourself, using the bathroom become a challenge, a live in personal assistant fits the bill ideally. Not to mention other important roles such a driver, when you no longer feel confident to carry on driving yourself or forced to give up by the DVLA.

Lack of Company-loneliness. Often overlooked, in the myriad of other problems associated with elderly care, is isolation and loneliness. Often too proud to ask or pressurise siblings into an extra visit, instead they simply  suffer in silence. The effects of this cannot be underestimated-not having someone to talk to. Answer you guessed it a live in carer which provides great companionship when the siblings are not in attendance

 Valuable help with Cooking and Cleaning

Often our ageing parents demonstrate signs of undernourishment. Evident by appearing underweight and somewhat gaunt looking. There can be many reasons for this but mostly it’s either lack of enthusiasm towards cooking or frailty makes it difficult to physically cook for themselves. Usually from this authors experience elderly just say – “we can’t be bothered or, I am not hungry”.

With the introduction of a live in carer food preparation, cooking, and washing up are part of their daily duties. At the same time, it is normal for them to keep the house clean and tidy as well as washing and ironing.

At Home elderly care

Prompting to take Medication

It might be that as a person ages that they forget to take their medication. It might also be that they are unable to drive to the pharmacy to easily obtain it. With a live in carer, these fears can be averted.

At Home elderly care. Although perhaps not the perfect answer its the best option out there tight now.