At Home Elderly Care instead of being IN a Home!

At Home Elderly Care

At Home Elderly Care

At Home Elderly Care– when an elderly person finds regular daily task challenging whats to be done?

In our view whats sufficient in most cases is a live in carer. Someone to be a friend, companion, and support you in daily tasks.

By employing a live in carer physical and mental capacities lost naturally through ageing, can be counter-balanced by the carer.

Yes, why not use a much younger person to take on these task for you? Thus all the daily challenges faced each day can be negated by passing them on to the younger individual. Moreover you are not demanding too much of them, as they can handle them quite easily. Being unable to handle them yourself, is course one of the frustrating and infuriating aspects of growing old.

However it should always be made clear the carers role is one of support. It must never encroach upon the private space of the elderly person. After all-it is still their home and not the carers.

Of course it could be argued (quite rightly) the presence of a live in carer will always to an extent invade privacy. Some may say the home is no longer- solely theirs.

Whilst that’s true, the long term outcome of living at home without support, could eventually have more serious consequences than having to share their house. For example a sudden and serious fall is something elderly people never totally recover from.

Without being melodramatic or scaremongering, many elderly folk who suffer a bad fall never recover either physically or mentally.

In home elderly care considerations

Surely a live in carer will cost a fortune? No- not necessarily!

For example:  Costs can be very considerably reduced  by sidestepping the substantial profit margins care agencies add on the tab!

From our research conventional care agencies charge around £800.00 for a live in carer. However…….Avoiding the care agency can reduce this amount by as much as 30-40%.

Are carers supplied directy of the same calibre?  Yes indeed they are!