Home care for the elderly keeping them safe at home

  Home care for the elderly

thumbs up!Home care for the elderly. Often as a friend, or a relative, unexpectedly you find yourself having to care for an elderly person. We appreciate that it is without a doubt a very challenging and demanding role. It’s a task you are either trained nor prepared for. Moreover the chances are you will be isolated(on your own)  but no alternatve but to simply get -on with it.


Home care for the elderly. In many ways it can be compared/likened to taking care of a small child. For example, washing/nappy changing/ keeping them clean and making sure they don’t come to any harm such as falls etc. There are often elements of irrationality /tantrums too, but a different kind-due to perhaps the elderly person suffering from (Parkinson’s/Dementia).

All of this places an enormous amount stress on the carer. Whereas at least with a child who hasn’t quite reached the full “talking stage” things are much clearer.

Home care for the elderly- Often relatives due to time and or money restrictions just close their eyes and hope for the best.

Which often means the elderly person being left on their own often stumble or fall over, which is the beginning of a rapid decline. Fractures, hospital, weight loss and the prospect of a care home looming up.

Home care for the elderly

In an ideal world a son or daughter would simply move in….end of story! However, unless they are living locally, have no ties or commitments, retired themselves, realistically it just can’t be done. Alternatively a live- in carer supplied by an agency can cost as much as £600.00 +per week. That’s the equivalent of around £1000.00 per week before tax. Of course in many cases payment for a live- in care comes out of mum and dad’s savings. We are aware that in some cases there is assistance from the government but very limited.

Home care for the elderly

So what can be done to ease the pressure and at an affordable cost?

In our view the only realistic and viable solution is a live-in person. Costs can be minimised by employing a person in the role of that similar to an au pair. Affordable by employing an (English speaking) foreign national from central Europe where wages are lower- ticks most of the boxes.

Thus providing a new dimension with a fresh keen and younger brighter mind. As well as sharper eyes and ears. Also very useful, to remind you to take your medication, help with finding misplaced spectacles, keys.. etc..

A chauffeur (save on taxis) for shopping short trips, day trips, visits to doctors, hospitals etc. Most important a friend/companion with a younger outlook which can invigorate an elderly person.

Whilst there are numerous services which provide pop- in- care such as 30 minute visits, the fact remains for much of the day, the individual is still living at home on their own. Plus the fact this service isn’t exactly cheap-around £14.00 per hour.

Home care for the elderly

Quite often a couple will emloy a full time affordable live in carer who can act as a support carer, to a ‘worn out’ spouse who is already doing that role. Often clash royale hack 2017 download in the case of Alzheimer’s/dementia etc. The “stressed out” spouse/partner dies before the sufferer.

For a spouse/partner they are totally in the firing line, and like it -or not, have to live with that person. So for them there is no excuses of “Well, I would love to help but- I am busy today”.

Home care for the elderly