Find an old friend

Find an old friend

Finding an old friend- For those of you who are part of our older generation do you ever cast your mind back to that special friend whom you lost contact with?

Would you like to make contact with that old and special friend again? Perhaps a childhood sweetheart?

Being yourself now part of the elderly age category group reawakens in our hearts and minds memories of old friends lost along the way,

Tracing an old friend conjures up mental mages of carefree days when young, naive, and sometimes silly. These memories are

After say 40-50 years have elapsed the ticking clock is ‘really ticking’. If we don’t do it now, it could be too late.

and need to be resurrected if possible.ake the effort to reach out now, it really could soon be too late, or, indeed it already is!

The prospect of being able to exchange letters with someone from your distant past is priceless. Or even better, be ambitious and set up a Skype chat or a real live meet-up.

Equally, and perhaps more important in a way, is to ensure that once we have made contact we maintain the lines of communication.

Just to meet up just once, and then not remain the momentum, is nearly as bad as not making the reconnection in the first place.

But we know that in most cases the reason for not maintaining communications would not be out of meanness. It could be being unfamiliar with modern technology, forgetfulness. All of which could lead to the other person thinking you are not a serious and genuine friend.

Well, we are taking steps to have this covered for you. To begin with on a limited scale 30-mile radius of Luton. Then eventually extending it nationwide. We would set up a Skype chat with your friend. Assuming they have Skype or a relative has a device that can be used at their end.

This element is an embryonic idea and is still under construction. Basically, to begin with, within 30 miles radius of Luton, we could set it up Including a visit, use of our digital device, etc.

How much will this all cost, god only knows! We would try to keep it at a minimal cost. But the simplest would be to say £30.00 per visit/ £20.00 if you live in Luton. In addition, we could manage your email communication between you and your friend

We have links to a sister organisation who can help you trace them.

If you want to know more about the service click here to the website link. 50 years in the people tracing and genealogy.

find an old friend
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