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For help call 01582 259750 Or Email:

Elynor testimonial


I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that we are very,very happy with Roman. He is a pleasure to have around, and is very thoughtful, always there when needed but unobtrusive at other times.
Ted is becoming less able by the day and Roman seems able to cope with every vicissitude.
He says he likes being with us too, although Ted is not the most grateful person. I am though, so I hope he will stay for as Long as we need him.
His main concerns are to improve his already good English, and to save money. I think I am pretty good at teaching English but I have enquired about classes at the college. They are very expensive and a big commitment. It may be possible to find private tuition if he decides he needs it, but maybe I myself being an ex teacher will be enough.
The money situation has been an embarrassment. We have failed to open an account for him and I am unwilling to hand over so much money in cash or to have so much in the house. I could have done with some help from somewhere and am a bit surprised that XXXXXXX does not give advice. We have tried everything but nothing would do. If we had realised that the NI number had to be applied for at the beginning and how to do it things could have happened a lot quicker.
The number came in ten days rather than the six weeks so this week we should be able to get it sorted this week. Poor Roman. Has seemed like a school boy getting pocket money and I am sure he must have wondered whether I was trying to trick him.
He is really a charming fellow and I really enjoy his company as well as appreciating his help and his strength, which comes in useful on many occasions. His mother plans to come over I. April and I hope she will stay with us as this will give him a little extra,and save them both money.
I hope all is well with you and that we will not need your services again soon but I am glad to say you have worked magic for us.
Elynor. Welwyn Garden City. Elynor can be contact strictly by prior arrangement via ourselves.
FOOTNOTE. A lesson to be learnt here! Its essential to help your new carer in obtain an N.I. asap. Its easy enough and merely involves a trip to a nearby jobcentre.

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