Tragedy of Elderly people living at home alone or in care

Elderly people living at home alone.

Elderly people living at home alone are in many cases just about existing. Or other tragic situations where 1000’s of elderly folks in care homes deprived of any contact with the outside world. No letters, visitors, or callers.  Desperately sad plight. Lost their homes, families, and in many cases their memories. Most of these unfortunate people suffer from dementia

Elderly people living at home alone

   Elderly people living at home alone can be gravely at risk.

The respected charity ‘relres’ suggested that in addition many were at risk of financial abuse as well as neglect.

See full article here as covered by Daily Mail:

They’ve lost so much already – they’ve lost their homes, their families, often their memory. No-one to help stimulate it or remind them of who they were or what they did. No-one who knows their history.

‘Some people have never had families, some people have outlived them. Some people may well have families, but their children are on other continents and although they do care about them, they can’t possibly be in touch with them.

The R&RA study showed only a fraction of the real situation as only seven per cent of care homes actually responded. R&RA assert that the figure 13,000 living in total isolation was somewhat ‘conservative’.

Minister Paul Burstow about “Elderly people living at home alone”

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said community-based befriending services can make a big difference.

We at AAA Team Home Help have a different “take on it”..lets keep our Mums and Dads out of these establishments in the first place!

In our humble view with a personal live in carer can in most cases prevent anyone being admitted into a residential care home.  After all what’s usually needed is simply an extra pair of hands, eyes and ears, a person for company and to keep an eye on them.


Live in care is of course in the minority mainly due to high costs. From our research the average weeks costs are in excess of £850.00! This equates to EARNING  a sum in excess of £1200.00 per week gross of tax and N.I.

Elderly people living at home alone cost and price

What about if the cost were dramatically lower say-£400.00 per week?  That’s what it cost using our  live in Au pair to elderly style service.  Not much more than the cost of carers who simply drop in for a few hours here and there. Better than nothing we grant you, but it doesn’t address isolation and loneliness nor the risk of a fall. Old people are much safer with a guardian angel in attendance. In addition a useful chauffeur, reminder to take medication, and various appointments etc.

Elderly people living at home alone – Fractures, Weakened, Depressed…

In conclusion we say the main benefits of  a live -in person are the managing of the person safe mobility around the house.  So many people eventually finish up in a care institution due to the eventual consequences of that first fall/tumble in their own home. Why???…often a fracture is sustained and a period in hospital. his usually results a general deterioration in the individual. invariably when p they return home they are not she same.  Weakened, depressed, and usually weight loss. What happens next often another fall!!

We know we seen it in our own parents.

These citizens deserve  proper respect in their twilight years. We at Team  Home Help place the same value on our old folks as any other member of society. Our mission is to keep our elderly folk out of care homes….its do-able and affordable!