Shameful elderly care neglect

Shameful Elderly care neglect

– what is it in a modern day society?

elderly care neglect
Senior woman with her caregiver at home

Many local councils are limiting elderly carer visits to a staggeringly short “5 minutes” drive-by slots. These visits are to the most vulnerable people in our society- frail elderly citizens-yes shocking!

Leaked information tells of care visit staff being discouraged from entering into any conversations, as it “wastes time” reports the Daily Mail. Elderly care neglect.

Elderly care neglect scandal.

During a period of 12 months’ six councils sanctioned 209,000 of these totally unspeakable and utterly callous 5 minutes visits. Would these same people be happy if these same short visits were dispensed out to their own parents?
Back in the relatively “good old days” of 2013, the Daily Express reported on the scandal of councils rationing care visit to the elderly to just 15 –minute slots.
Well, in 2015 we have actually surpassed that statistic. Would you believe today some councils are trimming visit to just 5 minutes! How on earth can an elderly person be helped to dress, wash, use the loo, and have some breakfast all within the space of 5 minutes!

I doubt even the care visitor would have the time to use the loo in such a short slot. Not to mention crucially checking, especially those with dementia had eaten or taken their medications.

Campaigners and some ministers have roundly condemned these drive-by visits and the government calls it unacceptable. Seems everyone is wringing their hands and at the same time passing the buck!

It’s clear the problem here is reduced government funding to local authorities. So, the government are hypocritical in condemning these ridiculous 5 minutes visits. However at the same time, ironically, reducing funding is the very cause of this shameful situation. Here we see the answer: government grant cuts in social care spending to over-65s fell from £9.95 billion in 2011 to £8.85 billion in 2014.

The cash crisis in elderly care isn’t going to improve sometime soon. So its likely the number of five-minute visits will increase.

Sadly elderly people are totally disrespected by these cost saving measures, stripped of their dignity and an opportunity for even a short chat with someone.
As one carer described it,‘It’s absolutely heartbreaking having to walk out after 5 minutes – it could for example be the anniversary of that persons husband’s death but you are in a rush, no time.’

Its fair to say that none of this is the fault of the carers or indeed their employers. They just have to work within the constraints of whats on offer.
According to what was shown in a leaked document one council in the north west of England were buying in slots from private providers offering to pay just £1.01 per visit!

Increasing the budget by an extra 2 billion (chicken feed to what’s been given to bank and recent propping up of the pound.) Would reverse the downward spiral. But of course the powers that be know better thanow us mere mortals.

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