Elderly Home Support independent living

Elderly home support to our elderly folks.

Our service delivers invaluable 24/7 human interaction and avoids isolation.
Empowers the individual to regain some of their former hitherto lost social lifestyle. All of this is no longer out of reach with a live-in buddy.

  • Frees up relatives from the worry and anxiety about their loved one’s health and wellbeing.
  • In our case: affordable. The weekly cost of one of our live in  carers/personal assistants won’t be higher than what you would usually spend on a few hours of conventional care each day. (we also have nurses available if you feel this is what you want)
  • Minimises the risk of the state seizure of the family home to eventually pay for care. More than 100 elderly a week are having properties seized to pay for care home fees.
  • For children: reassurance mum and dad have someone there for them. Unquestionably much better than expensive 15-30 minute hello-goodbyes.
  • Enables exhausted spouses caring for their wife/husband to enjoy an element of independence and a social life.


Elderly home support

Is this the kind of indulgence we encourage?…Absolutely! To all those ‘we know best’ stuffy and pompous bureaucrats out there- get -a life! 

Please be aware generally live in care providers even at the highest cost levels rotate the carers. Otherwise the carer will burn out. We do not like this approach indeed our carers are dedicated totally to caring for your loved one/s 1-1. However they must be given some time out. With some creativity it’s possible not to have to rotate the carer.

Elderly Home Support