Live in Elderly Home Care ticks all the boxes

Live in Elderly Home Care


Live in Elderly Home Care options.

A live in carer provides great security to an elderly person living alone. Not the complete solution but- it rates as one of the best outcomes!

Here we show some examples of where the carer can positively intervene on your behalf.

Live in Elderly Home Care is:


Rarely a week goes by without some harrowing story appearing in the media involving an elderly person. Tricked into allowing unscrupulous people into their home, often with disastrous consequences.

Typical reports involves persons perpetrating violent attacks, robbery, swindled out of their savings etc.

Even the strongest and most able bodied, can become nervous when the doorbell rings unexpectedly. Spare a thought for the elderly who can be particularly nervous and vulnerable to this unwanted attention. Someone to check last thing at night all external doors are secured.

Absent mindedness

As we age our ability to clearly take things in diminishes. It’s not that unusual to read stories of houses catching fire, due to leaving a cooker on and causing an explosion. Or leaving gas rings on without being alight.

Forgetting to look the back door and close downstairs windows at night. This is a common occurrence with the eldery. Refusal to listen, or remember, to clear any obstacles which they could trip over.

Leaving the phone off the hook. Figuring out the workings of a mobile phone thus unable to answer phone before voicemail comes in. This can cause anxiety amongst relatives who naturally always fear the worst.

Live in Elderly Home Care provides help and support with:-

Personal appearance and hygiene.

Many of our elderly folks lose interest in their appearance it  becomes between low to zero priority.

This often results in occasionally skipping washing themselves, putting on clean clothes, and sometimes toileting hygiene. Not to mention as a side issue- eating properly. It’s easy to judge and wrongly assume they have become slovenly when the truth is, they just don’t see it!

Live in Elderly Home Care provides help and support in retaining independence.


Those of us who are of the “siblings” of the older age generation often take mobility and cognitive faculties for granted.

All our limbs work well we are independent, and can go wherever we wish- whenever we wish.

Imagine being in a situation where its a superhuman effort just to lift yourself out of a chair. Staggering around the house, feeling unsteadily, scared of having a serious fall at any second.

Body wracked with arthiritic pains, hands shaking when simply trying to carry a cup of tea into the front room.

For many mums and dads in terms of cognitive issues the new world, and what goes on around them becomes a mystery. Or at best it takes a long time for the information to be absorbed. To add to all this, the elderly person often sees very little of the outside word.

Sadly in many cases deterioration can occur quite rapidly. Often it was not that long ago theg wwre taking regular trips to the cinema, sporting event’s, popping in to see friends and trips out were the norm.

Imagine all those things being taken away from you and instead becoming a virtual prisoner in your own home. All gone EVERYTHING

Actually it does not have to be that way. An affordable live in carer can circumvent all these issues.  Want to know more…