Au Pairs deliver Elderly help in the community

Elderly Help Au Pairs to the rescue!

The use of Elderly help Au pairs to provide elderly help is proving a highly effective cost effective alternative in elderly care, by way of  live- in support and companionship to our elderly mums and dads.

Luton based AAA Team Home Help have already in only a short period of time experienced high interest.

Elderly help Au Pairs
What a difference having help when needed

elderly help Au pairs

Of course finding an agency supplied live- in carer is quite easy…only problem is most charge upwards of £800.00 per week.  We suspect that’s why live -in care is not more widely taken up.

When an elderly person/s for a multitude of reasons begins to struggle with managing to live independently, huge potential risks to their well -being begin to emerge. Physically and number one undoubtedly-  is the risk of falling over and broken limbs. The result is often a heart attack and hospitalisation.

Isolation loneliness and depression are also pretty high on the list, together with the Inability to be able to get out and about liked they used to. Memory loss is another hurdle when it comes to perhaps taking regular medication. Not to mention the frustration of being unable to perform a simple task of removing a bottle top or opening a tin of beans.

All of this can be avoided by bringing in a live in au pair. Why not?….it works well for taking care of  our beloved children! Why not for our beloved mums and dads!

Why is it not more popular?  Unfortunately it is a sitting target for scaremongering and the health and safety brigade. Words such as grave concerns, no proper safeguards, untrained, cheap foreign labour, inability to communicate effectively all spring to mind.  Not to mention the media no doubt would  relish in giving it a regular hammering! Playing on our inherent mistrust of anything foreign/non British and perceptions of  our superiority. It may be of interest to know the concept has really taken off in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Holland.

elderly help au pairs

Lets tackle these points in order of sequence.

1) Safeguards. We are not offering a nurse but a buddy around the place. However we carry out the same checks- CRB etc. references etc. This follows the same route when employing an overseas au pair. If its enough for looking after a cherished child why not for an elderly person. Unfortunately the H and S zealots get over excited when it comes to the elderly.

2) Untrained. Common sense is what an au pair offers. There are few scenarios where training is an issue.- we cant think of any!  If a situation arises like any other human being you just do your best. We repeat they are not nurses. If you need a nurse chances are you should be in hospital. The best even  a trained carer can offer is they have attended an NVQ course. None can perform life saving therapy. Like an au pair they would simply call for an ambulance or the GP.

3) Cheap foreign labour. All our companions/Au pairs are paid above the minimum wage @ £275.00 per week plus for 40 hours.  Or you can take the “high moral ground” and pay upwards of £800.00 per week for an agency carer.

4) Language issues. Most of the carer our own parents were supplied  with (by agencies) were also foreign.

No doubt any sceptics out there will find plenty of holes in our concept.  But is there a better solution? Other options include drop in carers…15 minutes impersonal visits is very much the norm these days. These can work out quite expensive too over the course of a week. Part time carers-8am-3pm for example. Costs probably £200.00 per week plus. all of these options do not  fully address the issues of isolation, mobility, and risk of falls.  Statistically falls/fractures precipitates in many cases the route eventually leading to a care home.

Read this shocking article in the Daily Mail 15 minute visits pensioners forced to chose between eating or going to the toilet. Having read that how could anyone bash what we offer?

A live in person ticks most of the boxes and crucially- can be the means of avoiding a care institution later on.

elderly help au pairs to the rescue!

Team Home Help 24/12/14