Elderly live care in care at home. A growth industry!

elderly live in care at home

Elderly live in care at home. We support their independence!

A dedicated elderly people care service – home domiciliary care. We are specialists in providing elderly care and we know precisely what our customers are looking for.

Much more affordable elderly live in care at home

How do we do it? – It is not any secret. We have very good contacts in the central Europe especially (but not exclusively) in the Czech and Slovak Republic. This focus enables us to source carers who pay demands are affordable. Not to memtion Our Czech and Slovak carers have a very level of qualifications and are well known for their empathy and caring nature.

Our seniors -clients (or their families) are looking for someone who is dedicated, professional, kind, caring and within their budget.

At the same time accepting the carer as part of an extended and valuable family member. A person who performs a key role and wthout there contribution

their elderly parent/s or relative might otherwise be isolated and living alone in their home.

The type of role our carers can be compared to is, similar to that of an au-pairs. Obvious difference being traditionally are our Au pairs are hired to look after children, our are more mature children- (at heart)

We select carers who are more mature than the usual au-pair. Our carers possess priceless life experience. thus providing a more appropriate service for elderly people.

Nevertheless the concept is the same. The host provides the carer with their own private room, food, sometimes use of a car where applicable. Our hosts directly employs the carers and they are responsible to provide carers with a reasonable amount of daily time out, and at least one day off per a week.

Our service solves the solution associated with elderly care which both the elderly, and their relations face nowadays. Want to know more ? Please contact us clash royale hack 2017 no verification via email or phone.

elderly live in care at home