Elderly Care Solutions Effective and Affordable!

Elderly care solutions

Elderly care solutions.

We strive to enhance the concept of a live in carer to support the elderly.

The most comprehensive and effective solution when daily life at home becomes challenging.

Elderly care solutions is what we deliver.

The only comprehensive answer to which we passionately believe in is a live in carer.

What is needed to overcome most issues, is a counter- weight to the elderly persons mental and physical diminishing faculties.

Ideally, and in a perfect world the siblings of the elderly person would move in and support them. However In the real world with numerous other family responsibilities, this is nigh on impossible for them to step in. So what is needed is a younger person to take over the role and be “in- situ”by way of a kind of proxy status for the absent family member.

Logically if the elderly person was still age 40 none of the issue would exist. Therefore introducing a 40 year old carer to live in tandem with them would mean that through their carers presence they have regained the ability of a 40 year old to cope with daily life.

As well as the important issue of falls prevention the carer would use their sharper memory and physical attributes, to compensate for all the daily tasks which might have been a struggle.

The live in carer also provides crucial companionship and the ability for the elderly person to become mobile again.

Basically the elderly person passively regains the mental and physical attributes of a 40 year old. The eldery person can sit back and let the carer take care of everything. No worries or anxieties for the individual as well as other family members.

No other form of care goes this far.

What about potential downsides.

1) Costs “it must be expensive” as it sounds exclusive having a personal assistant?

      2) Answer In the worst case scenario it’s about the same cost as a care home or many care providers…research shows £900.00 PW plus.

BUT…. by using an introduction agency to source the carer (who possesses same abilities and qualifications) these costs can be halved. We at Team Home Help fall into this category.

Of course we do accept for many- even at £500.00 per week it’s a lot of money.  In that case why not enrol a few family members chip in towards it?

Why not take a look at our elderly care solutions

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