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For help e-mail: teamhomehelp123@gmail.com

For help e-mail: teamhomehelp123@gmail.com

Elderly care | inspired solutions

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Elderly care inspired solutions

Elderly care-inspired solutions are what we offer!

Definition of elderly care in-home. Providing comfort and support to an elderly person/s within the confines of their own home.: An individual who spends an amount of time/hours devoted to taking care of an elderly person/s. Either by way of permanent live-in care, or an agreed number of hours in attendance. Their role is usually-(not always)in supporting someone either: elderly, disabled or both.

Given the choice of live-in care, drop-in care-

Live in-home care does tick most of the boxes.–What does it deliver?

Elderly care inspired solutions. As opposed to other options/alternatives- such as a nursing home, drop-in care, etc the benefits/advantages of live-in care are many-fold. The most important one being: the service user (regardless of their health condition)is able to remain living in their own home- that’s it-end of! However here we cover numerous other major benefits of a live-in carer PA. Enabling the individual to continue living in a familiar environment -coupled with all the cherished memories it holds.

Our elderly care inspired solutions Deliver:-

a bespoke 1-1 individual support. Where the service user is the centre of attention with bespoke individual care and attention. Reassurance for siblings, other family members and friends that there is someone around to take care of mum and dad?  Especially beneficial if they do not live close by. Vital Help in getting out of bed, bathing, going to the loo, dressing, meal preparation, prompting to take medications. Often without home care support many of these basic (to us) simple tasks, cannot be achieved safely. It’s not uncommon when living alone and isolated, the elderly to sustain an injury in the process-usually a fall. On the preriphary ; as a big bonus-help with general household chores- washing, ironing, cleaning, dusting etc. Oh, and quite a lot of carers enjoy gardening jobs! On another level, the priceless inherent benefit of: -companionship, interaction, sharing a laugh and a joke, current affairs.

Live in home care

Elderly care inspired solutions. Restore independence by enabling them to take charge of events. lifting their self-confidence and making them feel less helpless. For example the ability to once again play “mine host” (like in the old days). Confidently being able to invite over old friends and relatives for afternoon tea or similar. How about a trip to some old haunts like the local pub, flower arrangement classes, or perhaps the Towns Women’s Guild, or a trip to the seaside? What about taking-in a familiar resort where mum and dad took you as a kid? These nostalgic trips can rekindle long-forgotten fond memories of yesteryear. Something which can be wonderfully therapeutic in an elderly person. The ‘chilling out’ and non pressurised relaxed environment cannot be underestimated. No regime, or rules to follow. Able to decide entirely how they wish to spend their day. No third parties deciding for them what they should eat, and when and where. What about the ability to spontaneously decide on a fried breakfast at midday! Same applies with what time to get up in the morning, and when to retire at night. All of the above enables the individual with some support to retain their pride and dignity. Once again able to make their own decisions. Highly prerable to others making them for you.

Conclusion: Live in home care ticks nearly all the boxes.

Without a doubt a personal individual 1-1 level of care delivers far and away the best outcome. None of us can fully imagine the stress and trauma, an individual experiences, when the care home beckons. Especially the risk of being mixed with other residents suffering a diverse range of conditions. For example a person without dementia being mixed in with those who have. To those unaffected with these conditions it must be painful surrounded by it every day. What sort of life do they have to look forward to? Possibly stripped of their home, taken away from their partner, favourite pets, all gone. Costs: No it isn’t cheap. But certainly in line with care home costs. Elderly care inspired solutions! When care involves a couple, cost are dramatically lower as live-in care cost for 2 people only incurs a small extra charge. Whereas in a care home it’s the full charge for both individuals. Note!! Costs when using a direct supplier of a carer instead of a care agency, can cut costs by half! Yes, live in-home care is ‘what we do’. So, we fully accept we have a biased slant. But hopefully, some of the scenarios described above you can relate to. Elderly care inspired solutions are what we DO!

Keeping Mum active and involved

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