Care for elderly

Care for elderly

Reviewing what can effectively and affordably achieved Main priority above all-else in care for elderly is ensuring the individual continues to remain settled in their own home.

Questions and hopefully some answer here.

There comes a time when many elderly people for their own safety and well-being, need some level of provision in the way of -home support. Eventually without help the odds of remaining living independently at home comes under pressure.

care for elderly

Сare for elderly – Elderly home care

In many instances diminishing mental and or physical attributes occurs very gradually and can pass virtually unnoticed. Very easy for friends and relatives to dismiss as simply a natural process of old age, and nothing to worry about.

This may well be true- especially in the case of forgetfulness, repeating ones-self, no big deal.

But if forgetfulness includes leaving on a burning stove, oven, leaving overnight the back door unlocked  or a house access gate open, it becomes something of a lottery as to the outcome of these oversights.

Unfortunately constantly reminding them of these issues during a visit or by phone, is rarely the answer. Reason being; soon after they will revert to the existing inherent problem of memory loss/retention.

When these events become something of a regular occurrence and more of a concern, most family members/friends (If they live nearby) either call on them themselves, or a third party to make sure these tasks have been done.

Often around this time, or in some cases further down the road paid carers are employed to pop in on our elderly mum’s and dads. Ideally one in the morning, lunch time, and again at night. This ensures there are no overnight unlocked backdoor, stoves left on etc. it also means there is someone to make sure they are alive washed, fed, and well each morning. These issues are more critical where the siblings live far away, and even more so if abroad!

Many siblings, at this point simply sit back and say to themselves…”ah well we done all we can” mum/dad is taken care of-elderly care-sorted.

This usually work OK for a while but then inevitably due to advancing years and increasing frailty, an accident often occurs. Usually brought on by a trip/stumble over an innocuous piece of raised carpet or similar.

Results broken ribs, hip, and in many cases precipitating a heart attack. Sadly when an elderly person sustains a fall it’s rarely on to something soft! In the case of the authors father it was a hallway radiator. Managed Care for elderly can enable avoidance of this outcome.

What about loneliness and isolation?-The silent enemy.

Many elderly people are left alone for days on end, having nobody to communicate with is pretty awful. Also due to mobility issue many are marooned at home and unable to interact with other people in the outside world. Simple things like a trip to the supermarket, the local fish and chip shop, meeting old chums..etc. Yes of course they can visit the elderly person, but once out of sight they become out of mind.

What is the answer?

In our view a live in elderly care person cover most of these situations. By having a younger fitters more aware person around the place can replicate all the things the elderly person used to do themselves. So….you are, through the presence of a younger person back to being able to achieve most of the things you did 30 years ago. From being a virtual prisoner in your own home suddenly you can decide when you want to go out..yes go out at the drop of a hat, visit the Supermarket and chose you own shopping, pop around to see your old chums/pals,visit the GP, get to various sporting events, basically you are right back to where you were, the life you though you had lost. Through your younger buddy supporting you and keeping you safe from falls, or in some cases pushing you around in a wheelchair, no matter what your condition including dementia you have a life with some purpose.

Care for elderly and the cost of Elderly care

Yes it can be expensive, the average cost for live in elderly care is £800.00.

However we at Team Home Help deliver a person capable of performing this role for around £400.00. Is the service inferior?..NO. The difference is we cut out the “middle- man” and deliver them directly to the service user. Want to know more about care for elderly? …just give us a call!