Elderly care at home reviewing the options

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Here we take a closer look at elderly care at home. In particular Reviewing the Personal budget option  in social care.

Living at home independently and taking a-‘personal budget’ is the newest initiative in this sphere.

We as providers of carers directly to the service user, have seen ‘first hand’ how it’s panning out thus far.

In order to follow exactly where we are now, it’s important to explain/recap how things have worked traditionally.

In my life-time if an elderly person required elderly care and support at home in maintaining and preserve independence social serviceswere the sole supply source.

In the ‘good old days’ local social services employed the carers directly, which worked-quite well. You were however totally in their hands, as to which carer they supplied. You were not- in other words- given -any choice.

The level of elderly care at home choices?

Ranges from the occasional ‘drop in’s’, to multi visits, to live in carers.

They also covered and paid for residential care where deemed necessary.

In tandem there were independent agency care companies who augmented this service. These independent providers were/are regulated by the care quality commission.

Outside of all this were individuals where money was no object who simply wrote the cheques out -for whatever was needed.

In more recent times social services have cut back on direct employed carers, instead ‘farming the work out’ to independent care companies -all care quality commission registered.

The latest government initiative has been the introduction of a personal budget option in eldery care at home. Thus enabling greater flexibility, and theoretically more choice and control  for the service user.

elderly care at home

In essence the service user is granted a sum of money which they can then use to employ whomever they consider fit to undertake the carer role. This can include a paid relative or spouse.

However there are of course drawbacks with this. In the case of a live in carer the typical allowance guaranted from the local authority is around £400.00 per week. However the sums many care agencies charge especially in the south of England is between £800- £1000 thus-leaving quite a shortfall to be made up.

In addition care agencies offer the service user a very limited choice- if any.! The “rub here is” the carer receives only a fraction of that sum. In some cases social services have paid much larger sums where there is no alternative. Where day and night care is involved £2000.00 per week is the norm.

eldery care at home

Actually there is a simple cost effective alternative solution to this….employ the carer directly. This is where Team Home Help come into it. We source and identify suitable carers for the service users and deliver them direct. This way the service user only has to pay the pay requirement of the carer. Going down this route can save on average £400 plus per week.

What about the standard of carers for example- we supply?

Actually most of our carers have previously worked for care agencies.Which means theoretically, you could have the same carer with us at £400.00 per week, instead of £800.00 plus. The downside is we make a one-off sourcing fee charge of £900.00

It may be a surprise to some people that often we supply totally non- experienced carers. The final choice of course is not ours but that of the fee payer.

Today, in this country its a job thousand of spouses (untrained) already perform (unpaid) every day of the week.

No matter how it’s “dressed up” (spun) carers- are no more than mere human beings! None of them are from “Mars”.

It may well be (we ascert) there are vested interests at work here. Carers ‘dressed up’ in such a way people are frightened to step out of their comfort zone.

Bearing in mind the amount carers are paid compared to what the service users are charged……hmmmm!

With our creative approach -Elderly care at home at more affordable rates is deliverable.

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