Elderly care and support a live in buddy to help

Elderly care and support

Elderly care and support is what we do! Our total philosophy and aim in providing elderly care fully is focussed on NOT JUST KEEPING YOU “ALIVE!!” BUT- “KEEPING UP YOUR -LIFESTYLE”

Elderly care and support

Elderly care and support and the dilemmas of elderly people coping to live at home alone.

We provide care and support for elderly.Due to their age and progressing frailty, many elderly people living alone lead very restricted lives. The cause is mainly attributed to issues of mental decline, physical mobility, and other related issues such as: no longer  able to continue driving a car. Logically of course in the case of driving(if they can afford it) they could simply use a taxi. But even if they can afford it, being from a frugal generation many would consider taking taxi’s as too extravagant. Also many elderly people are not simply confident in ordering a taxi.

Elderly care and supportHome-alone, they find themselves enduring a very isolated and lonely existence. Unable to leave home to visit old friends, the supermarket, local pub, football match, cinema or social club. Deprived of social interaction- the outside world begins to forget them.

This then leave the elderly person restricted to relying on solely family visitors. Most of whom are themselves pushed for time.

Busy families these days have very little spare time leading busy, and hectic lives themselves. In many cases this leaves the elderly person confined to just one single weekly visits perhaps on a Sunday. Even then visits are often very short and hurried. Unfortunately sons or daughters find themselves under pressure as their own kids or grand kids are vying for their time too. Trying to combine visiting mum and or dad along with the kids rarely works, as the kids quickly get bored, perceiving Granddad/Grandma as boring and grumpy.

Elderly care and support

Understandably kids and or grandkids prefer: fun play centres, day trip-seaside, Sunday soccer, Karate lessons, McDonalds’ etc. This leaves the visitors so often constantly looking at their wristwatches.

It doesn’t matter how much of a charismatic and popular individual you once were a few years ago ‘now sadly but brutally true, -history!

SOLUTION – innovative and affordable live-in carer support option

Team Home Help offer an opportunity for your elderly mum/dad or both, to have an in-house buddy alongside them/in tandem.

Elderly care and support

Your carer (buddy) is to a large extent able to restore back into your life the ability to handle all the domestic jobs as well as, social activities which you used to do yourself. Most of our carers hold a driving license so you are able to effortlessly conduct all your social activities and once again independent instead of relying on other people.

Not to mention prompting you to take any medications. Assisting with Domestic duties, and Washing, bathing, toilet, keeping the garden tidy, and just generally watching over you. As well as teaching you how to use the PC and internet. Last but not least a great companion to have around the place.

Elderly care and support

Yes we agree nothing startlingly new about this..BUT….. with Team Home Help, it’s highly affordable. Why? Because we are able to deliver a full time carer into your home at a cost of around 50% of what a care agency would charge.

Our carers encourage and help our elderly clients in discovering the advantages of social networks

Elderly care and support

Even a full time carer cannot be in attendance 24/7. Therefore in order to fill in the gaps our aim is to help our elderly host in using a PC and accessing the internet.

EXPANDING HORIZONS – Many elderly people have a great desire to learnnand embrace new technologies. So they should – it exercises the brain which helps to keep it healthy. Moreover the internet is a great source of information rather like an encyclopaedia, as well as enabling a person to browse all the daily national newspapers online.

We encourage watching worthwhile educational programs such as on the discovery channel, the learning channel, national geographic; and programs associated with their hobbies. Our research suggests many seniors enjoy learning new things especially in learning to surf the internet.

Find friends / social networking for elderly people

Elderly care and support
Elderly care and support

This is we think something new to the scene. A “sort of” version of “friends reunited”, but focussing on the 65’s plus. We will create a webpage whereby either you or a friend or relative can enter their profile/ details. For example: road/street where you were born, schools attended, military service, clubs in your youth, dance venues, and work history.

Not to mention, and most importantly, friends you knew-but lost contact with. We will announce this service in the local press, and hopefully attract some site visitors. For those of you without access or knowledge how to use a pc-(with your permission) we will undertake to do the correspondence on your behalf. Hopefully we can restore some lost links and restore lost friendships. Thus making your day more purposeful, and minimising any feelings of isolation.

Elderly care and support

–“ Next time you see that old person walking down the street just remember they have a history”!

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