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Dr. James Evans, Plymouth opinion


After looking for someone to live with and look after our elderly Mother in her own home for some time, we finally found Team Home Help. The whole process of dealing with the company has been very smooth and the communication has been fantastic.
It has been a delight to deal with this company and a refreshing change. The thought of finding someone to look after our mother was, at first, a daunting experience but after having spoken to John Babbage we felt a tremendous relief. We discussed our mother with John and he knew almost immediately who would be suitable and within days it was arranged. The young lady who is now looking after our Mother is wonderful and we feel she will not just be an ‘elderly au-pair’ but rather an extension of the family. We are very happy to recommend Team Home Help.
Dr J Evans (Plymouth)
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Dr Evans kindly responded to one of our new enquirers seeking clarification.
Here is his reply;

Hello Jxxxxx,
Thank you for your email, I am very happy to offer any advice I can.
From my own experience I have to say John Babbage has been really fantastic.
Prior to finding John’s company I had ‘care agency’ carers coming in.
It was an ‘eye opener’ in a bad way. The majority of care companies in the UK in my experience are expensive and offer very poor service and the level of care is extremely variable. The carers who did come in seemed more concerned with filling in paperwork ( being seen to do a job) rather than actually caring.
I promised my mother that she would never go into a care home.
With John’s help my mother is still in her own home and is safe and comfortable and can live a normal life with assistance.
Since finding John’s company we have had two carers.
The first lady stayed with us for about 9 months as she wanted to move back to be with her boyfriend in Italy. She was wonderful and really looked after my mother and the running of the house very well.
John then found us another lady who I have to say is also really wonderful. My mother gets on really well with her and is very happy.
Both lady’s who have come to live with and look after my mother have been incredibly kind and considerate.
The first lady was from Slovakia originally and our current lady is from Poland.
I have to say before finding John’s company I tried to find a carer myself privately and I really struggled to find someone who was good.
I think there is definitely a difference in the attitude /upbringing and education in Eastern Europe. The people seem very much kinder there and those involved in caring genuinely do care about what they do.
I employ my mother’s carer privately and have a payroll company sort out the tax , payslips etc ( Nanny Paye) ,who have been very good too.
I am very sorry to hear about your wife’s Dementia. I think the best think you could do is employ someone privately and I can wholeheartedly recommend John and his company to find someone suitable. He is a very good judge of character and gets to know the people who register with him which means you are far more likely to find the right person to live with and assist wife your wife’s care.
If you have any other questions you are very welcome to phone me – my mobile is :xxxxx
I hope the above helps
Kind regards
James Evans

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