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Advice On Caring For The Elderly At Home

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Care for the elderly at home
Elderly Care at home instead of ” in a home!”

Caring for the elderly | at home

Caring for the elderly at home options. What are they when considering providing support and help to an elderly person, or a couple?

If they are struggling to maintain their independence either by frailty, or forgetfulness, then some kind of support intervention is needed.

Usually, it begins with siblings or relatives spending time with them to help cope with their day. Often they need help with a multitude of tasks, most of which to a fit and able person are a breeze!

Things such as opening a can, opening a bottle or other regular daily stuff, which we take for granted. But to an elderly person with minimal strength can become a challenge. Or remembering to switch on and off a cooker or oven. Checking windows and doors are locked at night. This is just a FEW of a number of issues to look out for.

Elderly Care Services in Luton

Points to consider. If the person is living with another person such as a spouse, then theoretically one can support the other.

However at some point, unless they both enjoy good health and fitness, some kind of support will be needed either now, or sometime in the future.

For many people being able to spend hours on end watching over an elderly loved one is just not do-able.

With a family of their own, they just can’t combine dividing up their time without one party suffering. Or the siblings are going to find themselves worn-out and unable to cope with combining caring and full-time work. What’s more, there is no respite at weekends. It becomes a relentless and remorseless task. Unfortunately, often over a period of time, it can create anger and hostility towards what is seen as ungrateful parents.

Caring for the elderly at home options. What’s the answer?

Assuming, of course a ‘care home’ is out of the question. To most people this is unthinkable and from an economic point of view a disaster. Leaving little to no inheritance for the children and grandchildren.

Based on our considerable experience in this area our take on it is this; Of course, unless money is no object its a patch- and -mend- situation. Those living in ‘Beverly Hills’ just employ staff to take care of everything. If there is only one of you working, then the other can often fit in visits as and when they can. If both working then a drop-in carer can help a lot whilst they are in attendance. However, there are periods of time when they will be alone and vulnerable to accidents. In particular a dangerous tumble. But if there is no other way you have to hope it will not happen. without a shadow of a doubt, the most complete solution and one which works for millions of people is a live-in carer. It ticks nearly all the boxes.

for example someone in attendance 24/7. This preventing falls and tumbles, helping keep the home tidy, often a bit of gardening, etc. Keeping the individual nicely presented with clean clothing and undergarments. helping with personal care and grooming. Taking them out shopping or a visit to old haunts for example. The list of benefits is endless.

Cost of a live-in carer? We see out there- £6-850 per week.

Not cheap but neither is a care home. In addition the potential loss of the family asset.-.the house. Also, it can cost up to £400.00 per week for a drop-in carer.

There is a lot more about this. We will write again on the subject.

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