Caring for ageing Mums and Dads – Today’s dilemmas facing our “Baby Boomer” generation

Caring for ageing Mums and Dads

Caring for ageing Mums and Dads dilemma and what shall we do? Many of the post war WW2 generation born (1945-55) are having to confront difficult choices about maintaining the independence of their elderly mums and dads.

Many Mums and dads are showing signs of struggling to live independently in their own home. Frailty, dementia, Parkinson’s amongst others are the enemy.

Caring for ageing Mums and Dads
God Bless Our Finest Generation We will not let you down!

Our WW2 heroes generation

They now find themselves battling a new enemy: frailty, illness, and isolation. How can we help them?

Unless the children have an abundance of financial resources or free time, it’s a real battle. For most ordinary folk money is a real issues, especially in these tough financial times. Not to mention many still have grown up children to support (still living under the same roof) and indeed many still have lifetime running mortgages to service.

In an ideal world most would agree the best course of action for mum and or dad is a live- in carer. It’s a known fact most people begin the slippery road to the care home as a result of falls/tumbles. This sets off a domino effect, hospital, heart attacks, and general weakening all round. Result – more falls and deterioration in health. Having that important live in carer in attendance can minimise this risk. The reason this option is not so widely taken up is – cost. From our own research £800.00 per week is the norm. More if it involves caring for two elderly people.

High costs involved in elderly care limits you choice.

Due to financial restraints most elderly people or their siblings opt for drop in care. Very reassuring if the sibling live some distance away, it at least makes sure each morning someone can see they are not in any distress. A role incidentally years ago was undertaken by the milkman. But unfortunately the drop in carers only make short visits either 30 minute to 1 hour.  This crucially leaving the elderly individual/s on their own and vulnerable for the remainder of the day as well as at night.  In many cases the number of visits are increased say 4 per day, better, but still leaves them on their own for hours on end. £280.00 per week is the norm.

Another popular choice of elderly care is a part time local carer.  Say from 8 am to 3 PM. This does ensure Mum and or Dad are washed, dressed, breakfast and lunch taken care of. Also some valuable company and even the odd trip out, as well as Doctor Surgery/hospital visits etc. Many also undertake washing and ironing duties, clean the widows and tend the garden. This is a good compromise, and much better than brief pop in carers who often are rotated, so you never know who you are going to get. £250.00 per week is the norm.

Is affordable live in elderly care available? … Does it exist?….YES!

AAA Team Home Help have devised an innovative approach in caring for ageing Mums and Dads, which provides as good a solution as you will find out there.

We source you a full time live-in carer from mainly either the Czech or Slovak Republic. Why you may ask?

(1) Generally as salaries are lower than in UK, the package is attractive to them and considerably lower than what you would expect to pay using a UK live in carer.
(2)We have found them to be intellectually bright, cultured, sophisticated, and caring people.
(3)Most of these carers come to UK not just for money (they can earn more doing the same job in Germany) it’s more the desire to further expand their knowledge of spoken English.

We carry out all the usual Police check, references both personal, and previous employer etc.  How much will you expect to pay for this?….answer: around £400.00 per week (upwards)

Lastly its a wake up call for our baby boomer generation – for many the same scenario as mum and dad are encountering-awaits them.

Caring for ageing Mums and Dads can be achieved without breaking the bank.

If you are interested in our service or want more info, feel free to contact us.