Au pairs elderly support -keeping them safe


Au pairs elderly

Au pairs elderly

Current sky high cost in conventional elderly care -(800.00 PW +) many people are realising in most cases a personal assistant or an au pairs to elderly support, actually- works just as well  moreover is relatively afforacle.

Luton based Team Home Help have recently seen a sharp jump in enquiries seeking this alternative option. Team Home Help said many enquirers for elderly care are turning to our services after discovering some truly staggeringly high costs charged by conventional agencies how on earth anyone can afford it,is beyond us. We guess in many cases its -pay up, or- a care home institution beckons.

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As a rule employing an Au pair elderly home support/care is more than sufficient, this enabling our elderly mums, / dads to remain living safe, kept smart, tidy-contentedly in their own home.

People these days are challenging /asking questions such as:- even if we could afford these sums what are we really getting for£800.00 plus per week?

(1) Are they generally nurses..NO.

(2) Do mum / or dad need one..NO!

(3) Training certificates, nice uniforms, Health safety compliant!- (What good is any of this to our mum / or dad? After all it’s a job 1000’s of people in this country, do willingly for a spouse free of charge 24/7 – untrained.)

(5) We are charged £800.00 per week, yet carers pay is around £500.00..hmm.

Conclusion: All Mum /Dad need is someone capable of supporting them around the home, watch over them minimise risks of falls, remind them about locking doors at night, stoves switched off, taking medications As well as shopping, / mobility if they hold a driving license. A simple trip to : the chippie, Social club, Football match, shopping, British Legion, Women’s Guild, seaside etc.

Overall / equally important a friend / companion which helps prevent loneliness / isolation. anything else they have a telephone number of their Dr. or Hospital.

Regardless of whoever becomes your elderly care; it’s an every-day human being who will live- in / look after a fellow human being-that’s it pure / simple!

Team Home Help elderly – AU PAIRS ELDERLY

Team Home Help elderly care maintain that fear of using an Au pair elderly help or similar is based on unfounded mind sets / scaremongering etc. Of course the establishments scoff at such ideas:- untrained foreign people doing such an important job. At the same time many families entrust au pairs when seeking support for their beloved children, why not an au pair elderly support their beloved parents!


Even if an au pair elderly is not a perfect arrangement it comes quite close. Undoubtedly the biggest danger presented our elderly parents is risk of falls / subsequent limb fractures. Other than a 24/7 support person nothing else covers this vital risk they are exposed.